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Slim Jesus: Fake is the New Real!

By Khalil Amani

Lord Jamar was right! Hip-hop/rap is a black/Latino art-form and anybody—meaning any other race of people that chooses to be part of hip-hop should respect the architects of this genre or, as he put it, act like a "guest" and don't be putting your feet on the furniture (i.e. tread lightly with respect).

Hip-hop has opened its arms to (mostly) all people (save for them gay folk who continually bang on hip-hop’s door). Whites are in the boardrooms of hip-hop and on wax. From the Beastie Boys, Third Bass, Eminem, Vanilla Ice, Bubba Sparxxx, Marky Mark and Macklemore, there has been room for white emcees to get their shit off.

Enter the oh-so-fradulent Slim Jesus.

This white boy has the music industry in a tizzy with his white imitation of Chicago’s “Drill Music”—a type of rap music that speaks to the streets—to the wars in the streets—to black-on-black gang warfare—to peeling caps and splitting wigs! (i.e. killing people!) He’s doing this music while openly and admittedly saying he’s not "about that life," but loves this type of music, so he does it. Slim Jesus says, "I like rapping about guns, but I don't live that life."  Indeed! I can't front and hate on him. The song goes hard, but the fact that he's not about that life just takes the wind out of my sail. Honest as he may be, he's playing with fire! 

Faker than Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli, Slim Jesus is the quintessential “Culture Vulture!” The ignorance to be so brash and do a type of music that young black kids have died for is just astounding! Dude really thinks this is just a game—just music!

Yes! The song, “Drill Time” is hot! I was all in on it until I heard his VLAD TV interview. I thought this was some nerdy white kid from the suburbs who snuck out of his house at night to hang across town with his black friends in the ghetto—one of those white kids who’s enamored with black aesthetics and hates his parents because his allowance doesn’t afford him a new car every year. White boy is baby-faced! Not nann piece of hair or scar on his face! And no pain in his eyes!

Oh, but his song goes hard! And niggas quick to jump on the remix and are salivating to work with him. Rapper King Yella said Baby of Cash Money was thirsty to sign Slim Jesus!

And just why does he call himself "Slim Jesus?" Slim, you might be, but perpetuating the white Jesus myth in hip-hop? You're not hip-hop's messiah or savior! This white boy is asking us to swallow his fake gunplay and pseudo religiosity and according to Youtube, we're digesting the fuck outta him to the tune of 16+ million views!

Authenticity, keepin’ it real and speaking your truth has become rap’s dinosaur. I can hardly believe that a well-respected street rapper like Texas rapper Trae Tha Truth is reportedly working with an openly Culture Vulture who is only in the game to reap a selfish reward.

Meanwhile, a rapper like New York’s (Brooklyn's) Young M.A who spits that ism of the Drill Time ilk harder—and is real about her shit, still labors in near obscurity. Her song sounds eerily similar to Slim Jesus's Drill Time, but came out before Slim Jesus's and you can tell she is really about that life! Have a listen!

Slim Jesus is playing a dangerous game of cat & mouse with hip-hop. Does he not know that the hood will test his gangsta even though he’s readily admitted to being a fraud? Every hood nigga hasn't gotten the memo that he's just playing with his gangsterism and woe is him when that day comes!

Hip-hop has allowed "fake to become the new real!" I'm sorry Tupac.

Khalil Amani, a Negus with pen-game and a love for hip-hop, even that gangsta, gangsta ish! Follow on IG, Facebook, Twitter. Or check for him in DJ Kayslay's Straight Stuntin Magazine, and the rest of those shitty Internet sites that steal my work.

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