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Some Gay Rappers Don’t Like Me? You Don’t Say!

Some Gay Rappers Don’t Like Me? You Don’t Say!

By Khalil Amani

I’m getting the eeriest feeling that some gay rappers don’t like me. Can you fuckin’ believe dat? The most vocal straight dude on the entire planet earth (bar none!), who speaks in support of gay rappers at every turn—the straight blogger turnt gay hip-hop advocate who’s argued and debated with the likes of loudmouth “Drama King” DJ Kayslay (he wasn’t hearing my message of inclusion in the beginning)—the guy who’s argued with gangsta rapper and 50 Cent affiliate 40 Glocc—threats and all!—the straight blogger who’s put himself in the position to be the target of scorn and ridicule by the blogger named “Best Hip-hop Blogger”—Byron Crawford, (of XXL Magazine) who wrote six (6) scathing blogs about me! How could this be? Why would any gay rapper hate lil ol’ me?

Gay rapper Deadlee has my back! He is my “brotha from anotha!” He is the reason why I do this! Uk’s Mistermaker has been supporting me, even though we had maaaaad words in the past. He is an example of how a misunderstanding can be resolved (through dialog and not fisticuffs) and you realize that he’s an okay cat (and he realizes that I’m an okay cat). And there are other gay rappers who got love for Khalil Amani. I know who you are! Still, there are other gay rappers that pay me no mind (at least not openly).

I just wrote a blog documenting some 170+ LGBT rappers. How many are part of this site? How many support what I do? There a few gay rappers on this site (thanks guys!), but as a Movement—as a show of solidarity, they have gotten ghost on me.

Yes! I know I’ve had a few run-ins with a few gay rappers, but I guess that was enough to make folk take sides and show their allegiances. So un-Movement like!

Some of these gay rappers are mad at me—some have more disdain and hatred for me than the most homophobic rapper! They relish in their misplaced hatred. Over and over, I tell them I’m not the real “enemy.” Over and over, I tell them that at-the-end-of-the-day; we’re on the same team. But that doesn’t seem to register. All they can focus on is what I might have written about them and boy, do they hold on to that shit! I’d hate to be in relationship with one of these gay rappers, because they be on some bitch-shit from here to eternity, never finding closure when it comes to me.

Here’s what they don’t understand. When people like myself, Mickey Skillz, Rex Stone, DJ Baker & Da Doo Dirty Show, Ashburn Black, Tim’m West, DJ Sirah & Outing the Music Industry, Hot Mess Radio,,, and my site, The Khalil Amani Reader (—when we stop writing about you gay rappers—when we stop playing your records—when we stop dissing you in blogs—when we stop gossiping about you on radio—when we stop name-droppin’ your name to industry heads—It’s a rap! (Pun intended). I don’t give a damn how good your music is—you will be hard-pressed to find an audience in your own (gay) community, never mind trying to get straight heads to listen to your music. It will be the death of the Movement—when we, the media, turn our backs on you.

Yet, that’s exactly how I feel about many gay rappers—they’ve turned their backs on me by not joining my site—by not commenting on my blogs—by acting like I don’t exist over here. I have become a pariah—an outcast to the very people I advocate for. The fuck?

You’ve got a world-class hip-hop blogger in your mist (me motherfucker!)—a prolific wordsmith who has the ear of a few key people in the industry—someone who can articulate what the gay hip-hop Movement represents and some of y’all actin’ like you don’t know what it do!

I consider myself one of the best hip-hop bloggers out—in the same class as a Byron Crawford, Combat Jack, Noz, and Ron Mexico! (If you don’t know their work, Google them!) And I belong to you! Gay hip-hop! I’m as serious about this blogging (writing) shit as you are about your music! Writing is an art-form and I’m blessed with literary skill! That’s why I can write a new blog everyday and keep you folks “edutained” (educated & entertained), unlike some bloggers that go months between blogs. It’s a gift! I am your gift!

I’ve heard gay rappers say “We don’t need you! [Bloggers/media] You need us!” One rapper derogatorily calls us “talking heads.” Another rapper hosts a radio show and questions the role of bloggers—those seen and unseen. They are so fucking full of themselves to think they can be heard without the buzz that we, the media help create for you!

The same gay rapper who calls bloggers “talking heads”—he benefited from my “talking head” and had a chance to display his wares on DJ Kayslay’s Streetsweeper Sirius Radio Show! It was my “talking head”—my blogging about gay rappers, which came to the attention of DJ Kayslay and spiked his interest in what our (gay) Movement, was about! And as a result, gay rappers benefited by being on his show.

Yes! They get mad when I toot my own horn! I toot it when they try to diss/slight what I’m doing for gay rappers. I’m not having it and I’m not gonna let ANY GAY RAPPER make a mockery out of what I bring to the gay hip-hop table! I ain’t no humble Jackie Robinson-ass Negro who you can talk to any kind of way! I speak my truth loudly.

And just like some gay rappers have benefited from my work, I too, have benefited from being a part of this Movement. I acknowledge that! Just for writing about gay rappers I now have a few industry friends (Kayslay being one of them) and hobnob in mainstream hip-hop circles and write for hip-hop Internet sites and magazines. Yes! Absolutely I have benefited from this Movement!

This Movement/relationship is about reciprocity—one hand washing the other—quid pro quo!

They asked the question, “Is Jay-Z bigger than hip-hop?” Hell-to-the-naw! Hip-hop is a way of life—a movement! No one person defines hip-hop or rap. And so it is with gay hip-hop. No one gay rapper is greater than the Movement. We are like the fingers on the hand, each having a part to do in keeping the wheels of gay hip-hop rolling. Feel me?

They think they are hurting me, but the reality is that they are hurting themselves in the long run. If they seek mainstream attention they don’t understand that mainstream looks for MOVEMENTS—unity, numbers… and websites are an effective gauge as to how big a Movement is. 100,000 members on any given site will get the attention of sponsors, record execs, labels and more people who want to be part of the Movement.

Each and every one of us has our own independent “Movements,” but collectively, we must stand united, if we are gonna force our voice unto the mainstream hip-hop stage.

Every gay rapper should join every gay site that’s pushing their agenda—damn if you don’t like the owner! It’s about repping the MOVEMENT! But these narrow-minded rappers would rather sabotage their own rap careers than post songs and videos on my site! Again, the fuck?

At this juncture of gay hip-hop history, perhaps we are not ready for primetime. One thing for sure—whoever does blow up—that gay rapper is gonna face hateration unimaginable from his or her peers! Gay rappers are just as bad, if not worse, than straight rappers when it comes to beefs and holding grudges and bitchassness.

So, those of you gay rappers who’ve crept over here to see what’s going on, yet refuse to join my site—yes, I’d like to see you join, but even more importantly, I hope you understand how those on the outside are looking at us—especially when I boast that there are 170+ LGBT rappers and only a handful support this gay-friendly hip-hop site. The joke will be on you!

PS. I’ve personally invited most of the “known” gay rappers to join, so I know the deally.

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Comment by Khalil Amani on February 14, 2010 at 9:40pm
Master Tori Fixx... your words of wisdom are always welcomed and I APPRECIATE what you have done and are doing for the MOVEMENT! Stay blessed my brother and much love!
Comment by T. Fixx on February 14, 2010 at 8:13pm
Everything said is so very true, but yal know how it goes....for every 1 step forward, there's 2 steps we get knocked back and one of those steps is always "our own doing". There's too many cats in the OHH game (hell outmusic in general) now that are "newbies" and feel like they don't have to be "grateful" for overall accomplishments for the community as a whole or for peeps like Brotha Khalil or sites like OHH and GHH, the list goes on. They don't know shit about the struggle cuz shit was "already in motion" when they came along. You can tell the folks that are truly down for "the movement" and those that are down for "self". Ain't nothing wrong with either excpet when shit blows up to the fullest OR something goes down and all the mofo's that are out for self have to come running back to "homebase" and get with the program or take the pussy way out and "vanish" all together and let their talent fall by the wayside, hiding behind some lame ass excuse on why they ain't down with "the scene" no more (and it has happend many times already). It's sad, but fuck em. The show and the movement will go on. I try not to get into a lot of online commentary but every now and then I need to let folks know that "I APPRECIATE" a muthafucka. From you Brotha Khalil to Maker & Deadlee both, to Camilo and the list continues. This shit couldn't work without ANY of us here or our contributions and I'm all to damn blessed to be a part of this beyotchhhh. GHH/OHH4Life........Fixx
Comment by Khalil Amani on February 10, 2010 at 11:51am
I wrote this blog because I know DAMN WELL these gay rappers are coming over here, like roaches when the lights go off, and reading my shit, but have to maintain the silent treatment, as not to offend those gay rappers that really don't like me. lol!

I'm good with you two reading and commenting...really! I know my work is being read, but I just felt like addressing it so that they know, that I know, that they know, that I really KNOW the deal! lol!
Comment by mister on February 10, 2010 at 4:55am
When your in the public eye you always get haters even in your own camp. Instead of people resolving issues sometimes it's easier for them to keep on saying fuck you. Maybe a heterosexual man supporting GHH/OHH is too much for some people to deal with, because i did find it pretty odd in the first instance and i really don't know why i felt that way. Anyway what is important is that people keep representing there corner. My old GHH forums used to be extremely popular the new forums aint ! it aint because people hate me (as some might think) it's because it's not cutting edge no more, no one is posting any ware, OHH used to get loads of comments on all articles and now people have got used to the site it's slowed down. All im going to do is represent what i like and articles that i think gay people who listen/make might wana read if people dont support then it's all good, i had my day, i started this online gay rap community, i started the very first peace out (with tim'm and juba) back in the day and i did that by just doing what i love and expect no praise just recognition. The short of the point is, just keep moving forward, i dont let people hate stop me from what im doing, when your in the public eye people expect you to not have a opinion, fuck that... All icansee you doing is positive stuff and that alone speaks volumes...
Comment by DEADLEE on February 10, 2010 at 1:53am
I have said from the start that a straight ally will be the key to a gay rappers success. I have been watching two out gay musicians that are making inroads -- Adam Lambert got his noteriety from the biggest of mainstream shows. I find it interesting that some of the only backlash for Adam Lambert has come from Gay Media -OUT MAGAZINE. Gay media has always been behind the times - waiting for mainstream validation of gay artists before they feature them. I recently have been fighting with Sirius Out Q for their timid response to Out hip hop - barely giving a bone to SOCE. The key to moving careers or the movement will not be from our own. I have experienced first hand that our own will turn on you with a quickness to having false expectations or creating petty alliances. Khalil has been right there getting us mainstream media- from his visit with me to Howard Stern to DJ KAYSLAY. He has made some constructive criticism of a few players who should TAKE HEED because when its time to play in the big leagues- if you can't handle that - I feel sorry for you. When I got some mainstream love - I had more than one death threat. - and one was serious! I could have run and hid - but instead I found support in a few straight allys like Khalil. I have recently managed two straight chicano rappers who are more down for me than any gay rapper has been for me. My recent stint on the comedy circuit had me shocked to see that straight comedians were more down for me as an out comic - than any gay rapper has been for me. It is time to look beyond the gay hip hop ghetto and realize that sometimes who you have been dealing with are wolves in sheeps clothing. The other artist I was thinking bout was MATT MORRIS - first artist signed to Justin Timberlakes label who is out and married. Great blogs Khalil -

I agree about going to all sites but -- like I said sometimes owners of sites and DJ's have decided to shut some of us out. It really goes both ways -- Propz toOuting Music/ Gay Music Revolution/ OHH/DJ DOO for leaving personal bias out of biznass!!

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