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Stevie Wonder: It’s Time to Let it Go!

Stevie Wonder: It’s Time to Let it Go!

By Khalil Amani



To Whom It May Concern:


I wish I could write in Braille. I’d write Stevie Wonder a nice little letter letting him know that someone’s playing a cruel little fashion joke on him. God knows I love Stevie Wonder, but someone has to say it—it’s time to let those three braids go! This Negro is balder than a muthafucka—hairline sitting at the back of his head!

Stevie Wonder’s hairline make Lebron James look like he’s wearing a lace-front wig!


We all know Little Stevie Wonder is blind. For years, we’ve given him a pass based on not being able to see. But even the person that can’t see can surely feel—feel his hairline running to the back of his skull. There’s just no excuse for Stevie to be wearing those braid thingies anymore! Michael Jordan made it fashionable for black men to rock a bald head. Did Stevie not get the Braille memo?


But the blame is not Stevie’s alone! Who the fuck is his stylist? And what kind of people are in his circle? No doubt a bunch of brown-nosing, ass-kissing, sycophants and yes men! Surely, they can’t think that his head is presentable for public ocular consumption!


Got poor Stevie looking like a sightless Predator!

Stevie-man! We love you! But it’s time to let it go! It’s time to give out pink-slips—to your stylist and beautician. They know damned well your head is raggedy. No more extensions, okay? My gawd! You barely have enough of your own hair to attach those braids to! They’re played! They looked good on you in 1980 on your album “Hotter Than July”—but that was 32 years ago!



I’m writing you in hopes that someone (who gives a shit about you!) will transpose this letter and let you know that black folk are talking about you—real bad. Please, Stevie, come on into the 21st century and join the rest of us bald-headed brothas.


Sincerely yours, a concerned fan.

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