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Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones…Hip-Hop’s Obsession With F-Bombing.

Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones… (You Know The Rest!) Hip-Hop’s Obsession With F-Bombing.

By Khalil Amani

Mama taught me, “Sticks & stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!” I’m sure your mama taught you the same! Whatever the case, you heard this cliché growing up. It was supposed to teach us that words have no power, but most of us can attest that words do indeed have power and that most of us have been hurt by the power of words.

Our mamas and daddies taught us better and would be ashamed if they read some of the comments their children make on the Internet! You know you were raised better than that!

If a white man calls a black man a nigger, the fight’s on! If a man calls a woman a bitch, the fight’s on! If a man calls another man a faggot, the fight’s on! But it’s only words right? Words that sting and fuck with our basest emotion—anger.

As for hip-hop, perhaps the most damaging word a person can be called is the “F-Bomb.” “F-Bomb” is the politically correct word for calling someone a faggot. Never mind that it’s insulting, degrading, emasculating, effeminizing and demeaning—it’s “politically correct!” I’ve been called a faggot, a fruit, teh ghey, and homo so much that, honestly speaking, the sting is lost! I was thinking about changing my blog name to “Khalil Gaymani” just to appease the homophobes! Lol! (I guess I had it coming to me, writing all this positive gay shit and all…)

“Censor” this nigga! “Destroy” this nigga! “Anti” this nigga! Why? He’s pro fag! Lol!

Check out the hip-hop blogs…XXL, Source,,,,,… and (the site I write for)! Cats are homophobic as fuck! They can’t even have a debate without name-calling and dropping the F-Bomb! Case in point: XXL’s Billy X Sunday, who recently blogged about AIDS being a hoax (The South Stay Losing...) (This Negro doesn’t believe that HIV is some real shit! I guess he’s stickin’ his meat in these broads raw like he’s living in the 70’s!) The minute someone RESPECTFULLY disagreed with him by giving a very scientific response for the case for HIV, what did Billy X Sunday call him? He posted, “You must be ‘teh ghey’,” sucking the grammatical dick of Byron Crawford’s (Bol’s) ignorant word for faggot. The commenter retorted, “I generally respect you, BXS, and like many of your hip-hop related posts. There is no reason to call me ‘teh ghey.’ That’s some bitch shit.” And guess what? Mr. Billy called him teh ghey again! Why William X why?!

Dropping the motherfucking F-Bomb to nullify this man’s argument! That’s all it takes! You must be gay! Negro please! Grow some damned freethinking balls and get off Bol’s nut-sack! (As we heteros like to say) And I’m not calling you gay either ‘cause I don’t know you like that!

But like the N-Bomb (nigga/nigger), which some believe has lost its racist edge and become a “term of endearment,” the word faggot is being treated likewise. Some gay folk call each other faggot as a term of endearment, seeking to take the sting off its use. Gay rapper Deadlee has a song called “No Fags Allow!” Interestingly, flipping the script, he’s actually addressing heterosexuals—that the homophobic heterosexual is the real fag and not permitted to take part in his scene. Ha-ha!

We talk about rappers calling women bitches & hoes and the need for them to find alternative lyrics. Likewise, we need to stop calling each other faggot! Homophobia is as Neolithic and cruel as calling women bitches & hoes! For all you Jesus piece/crucifix-wearing pseudo-Christian hip-hop heads, if you can’t find the words to disagree than follow Jesus’ edict when he spoke, “But let your communication be, Yea, Yea; Nay Nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” (Matthew 5:37)

Most of us don’t even know why we hate gays and lesbians! A gay or lesbian person never called you a nigger, a cracker or a spic—never burned a cross on your lawn—never hung you from a tree—never enslaved you—never called you a “fucking heterosexual!”—Never heterosexual-bashed you or beat you up in the schoolyard for being straight! Let’s face it! Many of us hate gay people because we’ve been conditioned to hate them! By our actions, we copy, parrot, ape, and regurgitate the cultural/religious bullshyt handed down to us! We are about as freethinking as the parrot who says, “Polly wanna cracker.” Dumb-ass bird doesn’t know the English language! He is IMITATING sounds! When we diss gays and lesbians, we are IMITATING cultural “sounds”/garbage! The parrot doesn’t know why he says, “Polly wanna cracker!” The homophobe doesn’t know why he says, “Fuck all fags!”

Gay bashing is so cliché, so unoriginal, so inauthentic, so juvenile, so ignorant, so religiously misunderstood, so culturally demented and so very Twentieth Century! Homophobia stands as the last bastion of ignorance in human growth and development. Many of us who call gays “fags” only do it to validate our masculinity and to make sure that no one mistakes us for being gay. And then we walk and talk that “I don’t give a damn what people think or say about me!” Yeah, right! Cut out the homophobia hip-hop! It ain’t good look son.

*Faggot: Bundle of burning sticks. Homosexuals where doused with fuel and used in place of sticks for burning supposed witches in England during Medieval Times. Yiddish; faygele-“little bird.”Fag-contemptible woman “old bag.” Fag-young English boy who serves upperclassmen boys in British schools with no implications of homosexuality.

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