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By Keisha D. Poet

My head fits so eloquently into the crook beneath your shoulder, it’s as though this space was intentionally left for me, genuine as the shine of my eye, when you inspire my cheeks to lift, and the lengthy sigh when it seems like it’s been far too absent, the only non urgent call I accept at three a.m., the only presence I wait patiently to entreat, always internally aware of your existence,


and my unwarranted emotion, and selfish recollections, one more time I have drifted, but I have lingered in this place before, presently aware of the difference, envisioned the possibilities then placed them quietly to rest and walked in the present, pleased by every one of this moment, and those, even the subtle stolen caresses, the belabored breathless hours, hurricane induced asthma attack, dispensed with precise indecision on the next step, of which there is none, the beaten or less taken path is ill equipped to a accommodate this meandering of hearts, and synchronicity of footsteps,


hmmm, is this what I’ve been looking for, he seems so, in concert with me, playing the tension from the violin strings of my back, fingertips retune attitude and displace disharmony, no overwhelming symphony, caught between the brass and the horns, tied up in the strings, but simple windblown peace, refreshing water kissed breeze, vanilla lavender buds of ardor, complacent slow stroll of adequate means, undedicated marathon with no end in sight,


perhaps it was overlooked, or was not ever created, or exists only in the depravity of our indifference of unstated compassion, ever still I await the instant when you love me with your mind, and caress me with the depth of your spirit, and wonder and dismiss if this is the road to where love sparks and flames ensue, instead sauntering in my soul worn shoes, and enjoy the brilliance of the sunrise, accepting at some point it will set, not seeking visions or directions, just following the ever magnificent heart, my greatest instinct and utmost threat, yet in synch and on time with its unknown destination, somewhere at the bottom of this cliff, but still why wait, my adoration whispered just leap…………


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