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"Teach Me How To Dougie" Teaches Us Compassion

"Teach Me How To Dougie" Teaches Us Compassion.
By Khalil Amani

It’s quite refreshing when something “hip-hop related” can teach young folk a thing or two. And so it is with this video of a disfigured young black man, whose video is bringing out the compassionate side of many young hip-hop heads. Of course, there’s always the ready-to-hate-on-their-own-mama commenters—who point out the oh-so-obvious—that this man looks like he’s been in some type of very traumatic accident—maybe a fire or has a skin disease that has mangled and disfigured his proud African face.

(This guy rips the Dougie dance better than your girlfriend! lol!)

Have you seen this video on (July 28, 2010)

The song/dance, “Teach Me How To Dougie,” by a rap group named Cali Swag District is all the rage. The song/dance is a nod to old-school rapper Doug E. Fresh who has his own dance style and has been doing it for years.

Now comes along this disfigured young man and puts out a video doing his version of the “Dougie.” To everyone’s surprise, he murders that ish! Homeboy killed it dead! Only a hater would say otherwise. But, of the few negative comments about his dance video, none of them went there, because, indeed, he wore that dance out! So, those that just had to “hate” honed in on his appearance.

But the surprise, coming from fans, who are notorious for the amount of hateration they spew had to back the fuck up and give props to this young man’s dancing skills—facial features notwithstanding.

Any negative comments about his face were a gratuitous attempt at humor, which just made those writing negativity seem juvenile, silly and downright stupid. I mean, it’s like seeing a one-legged man and actually commenting that he has one leg! No shit Sherlock!

Of the 530+ comments, the vast majority, over 90% were “right on!”—“do you”—positive, affirming and complimentary words of inspiration. Many defended this young man and told those spewing negativity that they had “no soul.” Is your life so fucked-up that you find pleasure in dissing people with disabilities, infirmities, injuries, ailments and disfigurements? In the wee hours of the night when you’re safely tucked away in your bed, contemplating another day of flipping burgers—you should reflect on your negativity and do some soul-searching and ask yourself, “Why am I a hater? Why is someone else’s joy, my pain? Why do I always feel the need to be the Internet class-clown?” To this young man’s haters, in the words of Max Julian's “The Mack”—“Stick yo’ self! I said, ‘Stick yo’ self!’”

If your pen-game is that sick you would’ve written a book or two or at the very least be a blogger with your own website—but no! You can hardly come home and wash the Burger King stench off your nasty ass before you fire up your computer and get to your life’s “real” calling—hating the fuck out of anybody doing anything remotely good!

It makes me think that some people shouldn’t be allowed to own a computer with Internet access you ol’ fake-ass Internet loser! Hip-hop stood up and shouted down the naysayers—the haters. I haven’t seen compassion on this level in the hip-hop world for a minute. Kudos to compassionate young people!

Sometimes the greatest lessons for human interaction (like compassion) can be taught by the least amongst us. Too bad some of us “miss the forest for the trees.”

This young man, disfigured as he is, came to “teach us how to Dougie”—and I don’t mean some dance! D.o.u.g.i.e. = Don’t Oppose, Underestimate, God’s Intelligence… Ever!

*Khalil Amani is one of the most controversial hip-hop bloggers on the Internet. He writes for DJ Kayslay's "Straight Stuntin Magazine." Mr. Amani is gay hip-hop's "straight" "Spiritual Advisor." He has been featured in Spin Magazine, LA Times and many Internet sites. Amani is also the author of six books, which includes his ground-breaking book "Hip-Hop Homophobes..." ( 07)

(Khalil Amani, author, blogger, gay hip-hop advocate, hip-hop hell-raiser) (The Khalil Amani Reader) (Ya Gay Friend's Favorite Straight Friend)

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