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Ten (10) Things White People Can Do For me in Black History Month

Ten (10) Things White People Can Do For me in Black History Month

(Do I look like I'm smilin' muthafucka? This is my crazy black man face that scares white folk! LOL)

1. Find those 3 credit-reporting dudes (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax) and kick their asses!


2. Give us back all of hip-hop culture.


3. Admit that Obama turned a whore (Bush’s fuckery) into a (respectable) housewife (has done a tremendous job given the circumstances.)


4. Stop acting black.


5. Stop acting like “black celebrities” are a different kind of black people. Is Denzel the only black man you’d fuck?


6. Give up the goods on the Illuminati, Area 51, 9/11 and UFOs.


7. Admit that J-Lo’s and Kim Kardashian’s asses are a regular everyday occurrence in the hood.


8. Give me my "40 Acres and a mule."


9. Deport Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly and take Herman Cain with you!


10. Stop asking why black people can say “nigga” and white people can’t say “nigger.” (You already know why!)

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