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The Artistry of Mi Familia
By Khalil Amani

They say “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.” So true! I’m not the only talented one in my family! Hard to believe, isn’t it? lol! I’m part of the Clark Clan from Miami who seem to have an artistic flair for the sublime. Most of y’all know that ya boy is a writer/author/blogger/musician/cultural critic/spiritual advisor, etc. I’ve been featured on many, many, many Internet sites for my work with the Gay Hip-Hop Movement, of which I am its straight “spiritual advisor.” My work has landed me in Spin Magazine, LA Times and a featured writer’s spot in world-famous iconic hip-hop personality DJ Kayslay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine. Did I mention that I’ve written six books? Dare I say that I’m semi-famous in hip-hop circles? Well I am! But enough about me!

As one of the elders of the Clark Clan—as a writer and blogger, I want to introduce and highlight some of the up & coming talent in mi familia—my family.

Nelson Dean Clark Jr.

(My nephew Nelson "Tiny" Clark)

My nephew Nelson Dean Clark Jr.—my brother’s son is making waves and headlines in South Florida as part of fat-guy dance crew for the Florida Marlins, a professional baseball team that boasts the only all-male dance ensemble in the National Baseball League. They are called the Manatees (sea cows), an animal indigenous to South Florida. His stage name “Tiny” is a play on the fact that he is 5’8” and 435 pounds—a robust fat dude that uses his girth to get his shine on. Not specifically trained in any formal dance form, Tiny can be seen with eleven other dancers performing Michael Jackson and Village People routines at Florida Marlins home games to the delight of fans. The fat-guy dance troupe is an ingenious idea that gets sports fans into the game. They have been featured on CNN’s Headline News, NBC’s Today Show, and Inside Edition. Go nephew! Do the damned thang! Visit my nephew at .

(My nephew Nelson "Tiny" Clark middle)

Sha’Tara Bryant-Clark

(My daughter Sha'Tara)

My daughter Sha’Tara—an exotic dancer (stripper) at Atlanta’s famed “Stroker’s” gentleman’s club. While some might not think that stripping is dancing or a bona fide “art-form,” I do! Having studied many dance forms and been a stripper myself, I can speak, not as a voyeur of the art-form, but as a former student of the craft. It takes hella strength to be a stripper! The exotic dancer is a blend of soul, R&B, sensuality and sexuality—a hypnotizing dance form that is part fantasy, part role-playing—a genre of dance that requires strength, precision, personality, acting and rhythm. Exotic dancers incorporate street-dancing, jazz, ballet and hip-hop movements along with the use of props, such as costumes and poles. This is adult entertainment! Hip-thrusts, pelvic gyrations are standard moves—used to elicit things like “making it rain” (throwing money in the air). If you're ever in Hot-lanta, go by Stroker's and show your love. My daughter Sha’Tara is a master at her craft and for that, I’m very proud of her!

Jovaughn Clark

(My nephew Jovaughn)

My nephew Jovaughn Clark aka JVZEE—a rapper who’s been on the national stage—rapping with Florida hot-boy Trick Daddy, JVZEE is no amateur! JVZEE has performed all over the country and on TV shows like B.E.T.’s 106 & Park and the Jenny Jones Show among others. He rapped on the smash-hit song/video “Take It To The House” with Trick Daddy and Slip-N-Slide. On Trick Daddy’s album “Thugs Are Us” my nephew Jovaughn rapped, wrote, produced and engineered several songs, which earned him publishing credits and plaques. He has a bright future as a solo artist. I expect great things from this young man in the near future! To hear my nephew’s music go to .

Keturah Clark

(My daughter Keturah)

My daughter Keturah Clark—another ex-exotic dancer turned fashionista/entrepreneur/model. Keturah’s work (pictures) has been on CD covers, fliers and in magazines. She was recently featured in DJ Kayslay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine with her father (me!), as a model for an article I wrote. Keturah appeared in rapper Trina’s (ft. Ludacris) video “B R Right” and was a dancer on MTV’s Video Music Awards, performing with Fat Joe, Remy Ma and Petey Pablo for their smash hit “Lean Back.” Her dancing days are over, but she is very much part of the hip-hop landscape. When she’s not modeling or putting together hot parties, she’s a mother/wife who keeps herself tight and right!

(My daughter Keturah in Straight Stuntin Magazine... with me!)

The Clark Brothers (Texas)

My second cousins, the Clark brothers, Sir JacQ Frawst and The Young Seed are rappers reppin’ the Dirty South—Dallas, Texas to be exact. Sir JacQ Frawst is a member of the rap trio TMA as well as the CEO of Da Grind Records. He is also the producer in the CHR duo (Certified Head Rockers). His brother, The Young Seed has a mixtape out called, Fresh Produce that’s pure fire for any street nigga! To hear their music go to and .

Yehudah Moshe Clark

(My son Yehudah)

My son Yehudah Moshe Clark is a musician—a musician in the purest sense—having studied music theory for many years and playing several instruments. His main grind is his saxophone where he’s a beast! Whether it be straight-ahead jazz, improvisation, smooth jazz, R&B, classical or whatever genre—this son of mine is clever and about his music! He also reads, writes, scores music and makes hip-hop beats. He plays the piano, flute, guitar as well as all saxophones. Yehudah has performed with Reggae group Lion Soldier (Denver, CO) and Sweh (Denver, CO.). At present, Yehudah resides in Miami, Florida where he continues to hone his craft and perform around South Florida.

(My son Yehduah white cap)

These are just some of my kinfolk who are on the come-up. I look forward to their artistry. It takes patience and perseverance to reach your artistic goals. Money can NEVER be the litmus test for success or the driving-force behind your artistry. Artists do art for the LOVE of the art-form! Stay on your grind, study your craft, be innovative and cutting-edge, stay humble and put God first and let the Higher Power inspire you to greatness! Your kinfolk, Khalil Amani.

(Khalil Amani & Kanye West)

(Khalil Amani featured on/in DJ Kayslay's Straight Stuntin Magazine)

(DJ Kayslay & Khalil Amani)

(Video Vixen Cubana Lust & Khalil Amani)

(Khalil Amani & Ray J)

(Khalil Amani & Video Vixen Lia Cha)

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Comment by Nelson Clark on June 6, 2010 at 4:28am
I guess we all connected some how. Very nice of you tying everybody together

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