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“The Keyboard is Mightier than the Gun!”

“The Keyboard is Mightier than the Gun!”

By Khalil Amani


In 1839, Englishman Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote a play entitled “Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy” where he coined the phrase, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” No truer words have ever been spoken! Why is “the pen mightier than the sword?” Well just think about it! A sword is an instrument of death—used to slay your foe on the battlefield. The piercing or slicing of a sword’s blade may cut asunder (as the Bible suggests), but once its target has been slain, there is no more to say. That man “lived by the sword and died by the sword” (again, thus says the Bible).


Oh, but the pen…


The pen is synonymous with the written word, writing, grammar, literature, history, putting one’s thoughts on paper for posterity (future generations) and vanquishing a foe for all written history! "The pen is mightier than the sword" because of its long-lasting effect on a person, place or thing and its far-reaching truths that will endure for eons. Once it’s written down—it stands as a witness to the misdeeds of the miscreants and the greatness of the griots.


 (One of Khalil Amani's articles in DJ Kay Slay's "Straight Stuntin Magazine.")


Throughout history, the pen (i.e. the written and/or spoken word) has always prevailed as the victor. From Jesus, who was murdered for the WORDS he spoke, which were eventually written down and have stood the test of time—to Abraham Lincoln who began the process of civilizing a nation by penning the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment and in the process, catching a bullet to the dome—to Mahatma Gandhi, whose non-violent philosophy of “Satyagraha” got him murked, yet it freed a nation and was rebirthed in Martin Luther King Jr’s. Civil Right’s Movement—and again, the messenger—murdered, yet the WORDS which he penned freed a people from second-class citizenry—all the way down to the words of President Obama and his outspokenness on gay marriage, which has set in motion the wheels of a more freer, civilized and constitutional republic. “The pen is truly mightier than the sword!”


Killing the messenger (by the sword)—and by extension—his message (the pen) only to see his WORDS metamorphose into something far greater than ever expected is proof-positive that indeed, “the pen is mightier than the sword”—thus the saying, “You can kill the messenger, but you can’t kill the message.”


Fast forward into this 21st century hip-hop nation. Niggas ain’t writing with pens and niggas ain’t wielding swords (unless you’re one of them Zoe Pound Haitian niggas from Miami. They’ve been known to swing a mean machete! Sak Passe'!) Now it is, “The keyboard is mightier than the gun!” It’s all about the computer—the Internet—the keyboard—social media! We bloggers bring the heat right to your face!


 Blogger Khalil Amani. "I choose the keyboard over the gun!"


Niggas on these Internets are swinging some sharp-ass swords in the form of keyboard strokes and some rappers don’t like it. Some rappers label us bloggers as “Keyboard Killers” and “Mouse Pad Mobsters” and “Internet Gangsters.” They can’t stand the fact that some presumed pencil-neck geeky white boy from Iowa—or an old fart from Denver who reps gay hip-hop heads—or a fat dude in a St. Louis basement is wreaking havoc on a rapper’s cerebellum. Oh would they love to kick our arses! Some of us hip-hop bloggers are killing your favorite rapper when they get out of pocket. They may never respond to us, but would love to catch us slipping in a club and run up on us and confront us about what we’ve written about them.


It’s just downright pathetic the way some of these rappers bitch and moan and whine and complain about the media—and how bloggers unfairly capture the essence of their fuckery. They provide the fuel for our fire, but can’t stand the heat!


Some of these simpleton rappers have said that we bloggers have “no life.” They think they can write us off as attention-seeking whores or no-talent wannabes. (Just for your info, I've got a college degree, a job, a career, grown kids and a wifey! This blogging thingy comes as easy to me as taking a dump... so long as I haven't eatin' any gov'ment cheese!) Anything to skirt the fact that we are on their asses! (Pause) They don’t view what the blogger does as a bona fide literary art-form. It never crosses their minds that we write for the love of the craft just like they rap for the love of the craft—that we love hip-hop and rap music as they do—that we are hip-hop’s cultural critics who want nothing more than to better hip-hop, not destroy hip-hop. Yet, it is because of their fuckery that we call them out. You wanna be a fuck-boy jack-ass and diss a whole city and their professional basketball team? Come catch this literary fade!


The truth is—I give less than two-shits about these rappers! Blogging about their lives is an exercise in boredom, because, even though I’m working at The Chicken Shack flouring yard bird for seven bucks an hour—I live a quite exciting life! Before I live vicariously through the coonery and buffoonery of these rappers I'll just keep frying chicken for a living! Believe dat!
Raconteuring is my side passion to writing tomes. Frying yard bird is how I pay my bills. Don't hate!



Their hatred for us bloggers only reinforces the fact that indeed, “The Keyboard is Mightier Than the Gun.” Sure! We can get beat up “get that work.” We can “catch a fade.” We can get beat the fuck up and filmed “World-Starred” and we can get shot in the head our “wig split”—but really, what does it prove? It proves that we writers/bloggers are in a long line, yea, a long tradition of griots, story-tellers, raconteurs and wordsmiths who suffer from the words we speak and write.


I go hard in the muthafuckin’ (blogging) paint! I also beez in these streets and I also carrying that gun wild-thang on my hip! I’m too old to be going fisticuffs with a young ass rapper over something I’ve written. I’m too old I tell ya! And I’m not very strong or as Richard Pryor would say, “I'm just strong enough to pick up my pistol and shoot that nigga in the ass!”


As for me, Khalil Amani--I see everything going on in hip-hop! I miss nothing! If you're out here dissing gay people--you're gonna hear from me! If you're dissing women--you're gonna hear from me! If you're dissing my beloved city, Miami (or the Miami Heat!)--you're gonna hear from me! And if you're out here being a puss-ass, fuck-boy for no damned reason other than you think the world owes you some "respect"-- you just might hear from me! I'll be here during your rap career and I'll be here long after your rap career is taking a dirt-nap! That's the beauty of writing! There is no age-requirement or shelf-life. I'll be here raggin' on your grandchildren should they grow up to be fuck-boy rappers like their granddaddy. Believe dat!


So! To these rappers that got a problem with the blogging game—save the drama fo’ yo’ mama! Don’t let them gas you up to believe that we bloggers are a nerdy bunch with no squab. Ignoring us is your best defense. For verily (truly) I say unto you, “the keyboard is mightier than the gun”—you may kill the messenger, but you’ll never kill the message!


 I live on deez Internetz! Trust! I beez multitaskin' on deez fooGAYzi-ass Negroes!


Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. Amani also writes for Hoodgrown, Maybach and Sext Magazines. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Youtube @ yahweh 12

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