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The Mighty Hebrew: Yahweh's Child Molesting Cheerleader!

The Mighty Hebrew: Yahweh's Child Molesting Cheerleader!

By Khalil Amani

Someone once said, “Never trust a black man with no facial hair!”—and most definitely a so-called Hebrew Israelite with no facial hair! An Alopecia (HAIR LOSS) Hebrew? Now I’ve heard it all! Such is the case of this YouTuber named “Mighty Hebrew”—or is it “The” Mighty Hebrew? In any case, this nigga got my nuts so deeply entrenched in his mouf that I have to speak on him!

This is the so-called "Mighty Hebrew." A man who masquerades as a Hebrew Israelite while claiming sovereignty to hide his immoral side as an ex-drug dealer and pedophile. 

This guy calling himself The Mighty Hebrew—from what the YouTube streets are saying is that he’s a convicted child predator! A child molester! A fucking pedophile who was in the pokey (prison) for doing a child (or children) dirty! But he’s trying to defame me? A classic prison mentality where a murderer calls the pedophile evil—or the “Pot calling the kettle black”—here he is on YouTube trying to call me out for being a Government Informant—a fucking child molester! LOL! The truth be told, this guy’s life is riddled with criminality! Jail is this nigga’s second home.

Mighty Hebrew’s credit is fucked up! His name is fucked up! His work history fucked is up! He’s a convicted felon. So what does he do? Goes headlong into that sovereignty bullshit to cover up his pedophiliac background. The nigga don’ changed his name from Uncle Tom to the Mighty Hebrew.

Since The Mighty Hebrew is fucking up my Yahweh narrative—even shouting out my old nemesis, Yahweh Ben Yahweh, I’ll do my best to fuck up his rape/child molester/pedophile narrative. See how this thingy works Mini Hebrew? We can all bend the facts and cast aspersions, and manipulate the storyline. Let’s delve into your past. Not only were you convicted of messing with a child, you were a fucking drug dealer—a killer of the black family structure. You peddled dope to black people! Fuck you look like fixing your mouf to utter unflattering things against me—you fucking criminal?

What business is it of yours—the “relationship” I have with Israel Doctrine? Fact of the matter is that Israel Doctrine, in doing his due diligence in unraveling the Afrika Bambaataa date-rape/stabbing story stumbled upon Khalil Amani as the first person in the media to speak on Bambaataa’s stabbing—and in doing so—on his YouTube channel I blindsided him with my past history as a member of the Yahweh cult and my cooperation with the government. It was an exclusive that he nor his audience saw coming. I chose his show to tell my story to an unsuspecting audience—and then I took my show on the road to Sa Neter’s YouTube channel! America knows my story, but it's high-time my own people, these so-called "conscious" people knew my story. As with most things, black folk are the last to get an invite to the party. Now, they too, know my story. 

My story—the Yahweh story is the subject of two books, many newspaper articles and three national TV shows with a fourth one coming out shortly! Let’s not forget that the Yahweh story is all public record and the facts are laid out for even a fool like you Mini Hebrew!

I was a Government Informant—a Confidential Source, which many Negroes of your ilk Mini Hebrew would label a "snitch," but let me tell you something, ya fake-ass, no-eyebrow-having, hairless balls-having, alopecia  infected fuck-boy! I did a righteous thing by getting on the stand and telling about the criminality of the Yahweh cult! Nobody made me do it! I was not in trouble with the law! I wasn’t paid to snitch! I wasn’t trying to save myself from prison! I got on that stand in Miami to free my children from a pedophiliac and murderous cult! I got on the stand and testified for the 14 people murdered by the Yahweh cult! I spit the truth in court for the “Dirt Road Apartment” tenants who had been kicked out of their apartments with no notice to leave! I testified for the two young men that were murdered at those apartments—who, by the way, were no drug dealers! I testified for the black baby burned in a firebombing in Delray Beach! I testified for the karate expert from New Orleans—Leonard DuPree, who had his eyes gouged out and bludgeoned to death in the temple! I testified for Aston Green who was decapitated by Yahweh members after receiving instructions to have him killed on sight! And alas! I testified for all the Miami black broken homes whereby Yahweh ben Yahweh made members disassociate from their natural families and would not allow them to do things like bury their parents. Fuck Yahweh ben Yahweh and anybody that has a problem with me! I dare The Mighty Hebrew to go to Miami and walk the streets cosigning Yahweh ben Yahweh! Them hood niggas will fuck him up! All of black Miami has family members who were directly affected by the Yahweh cult! Ain’t nobody protest or grieve Yahweh ben Yahweh’s incarceration or death! He was the scourge of black Miami!

You can shout-out Yahweh ben Yahweh all you want, but intelligent people know of the evil deeds of this man. I tell you what! Take your ass to Miami and try big-upping Yahweh. Them niggas will split your wig--tallumbout "those people should’ve been killed!" Yahweh ben Yahweh kicked black people out of their apartments—the “Dirt Road Apartments” in Opa-Locka. You’re a motherfucking lie tallumbout they were “drug dealers.” That’s Yahweh ben Yahweh’s commentary! These were mostly single black women raising families that were kicked out into the streets! Fuck what you heard!

I was part of the fuckery of the Yahweh cult! You damn right I went to the FBI on their asses! Glad I did it and would do it again! Fuck your pseudo religiosity and nationalism! Yahweh ben Yahweh was a murderer and a pedophile! Fuck all murderers and pedophiles and fuck The Mighty Hebrew and Lexx Vortex for liking Yahweh ben Yahweh!

The YouTube streets say that The Mighty Hebrew came through Ben Ammi’s camp. They say Prince Asiel ordained you. Well let me tell you something! You can ride Yahweh ben Yahweh’s dead dick, but Yahweh ben Yahweh wasn’t fucking with Ben Ammi back in those days! Yahweh ben Yahweh wanted to kill “smoke” Ben Ammi and Prince Asiel, but they didn’t want no “smoke” with Yahweh ben Yahweh! Prince Asiel came to Miami in 1981 and spoke to the media and denied affiliation with us, saying, “We Hebrew Israelites under Ben Ammi don’t know anything about Yahweh ben Yahweh and neither are we affiliated with them!” Yahweh ben Yahweh raged against Ben Ammi for not sending his representatives to our temple before making public statements against us. My point being that, if Yahweh ben Yahweh were still alive, he’d shit on all of your factions of Hebrew Israelites! Wouldn’t be no coalition betwixt Hebrew Israelite camps! Yahweh ben Yahweh would’ve ultimately sent out his “Death Angels” to kill The Mighty Hebrew, General Yahanna, Capt. Tazaryach, etc. He alone was to be feared and revered! That's the kind of shit Yahweh ben Yahweh was on! The problem with you Johnny-Come-Lately Hebrew Israelites is that you don't know Yahweh ben Yahweh's doctrine! You don't know what he thought about black leadership. Well, I'll tell you! As "God the Son of God" Yahweh ben Yahweh thought that all other Hebrew Israelite teachers, leaders and camps were full of shit and would often quote Luke 19:27 where Jesus said,  "But those mine enemies, which would that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me." If The Mighty Hebrew came amongst us claiming to be "The Mighty Hebrew" we would've stripped that nigga down to his drawhs and threw him into the middle of oncoming traffic! We did Nation of Islam dudes, other Hebrews and crazy niggers dirty back in the day! Ya best ask about us!

I hear The Mighty Hebrew's veiled threats to have Israel Doctrine and myself killed. I hear him loud and clear, but let me tell you something buddy! I warred against the Yahweh cult in Miami before I finally agreed to entered the Federal Witness Protection Program! They were a far more worthy foe than you’ll ever be! And today? The Yahweh cult don’t fuck with me because they are too busy infighting—too busy trying to revive the grandeur of the Yahweh cult, circa 1985—when we ran Miami. They don’t want no smoke with Khalil Amani! Fucking with me is like inviting the FBI to dinner and you, Mighty Hebrew just invited those people to dinner! You just put yourself on the FBI’s B.I.E. (Black Identity Extremist) and B.H.I.E. (Black Hebrew Israelite Extremist) lists!

All that Hebrew Israelite National sovereignty bullshit ain’t gonna be able to save you if you do anything to me! Kiss them babies goodbye and prepare yourself for an extended stay with the Feds! And that’s if I don’t get the drop on you first (if you come my way!) You think I still don’t have connections to the Feds? You think that they don’t watch me and know my whereabouts? You think that the Feds aren’t watching all this Internet banter and death threats? You’re dumber than you look!

Only a Black Identity Extremist—only a Black Hebrew Israelite Extremist would be on these Internets big-upping and shouting out Yahweh ben Yahweh! The Mighty Hebrew (and Lexx Vortex) just played their hands.

You so-called “Conscious Community” Negroes are quick to ex-communicate a person like me from the black race for using law enforcement to rid the black community of vermin. Nothing I can say will ever convince you that going to the FBI on Yahweh ben Yahweh was necessary. I may be an anathema with some black people, but I'm loved by God! I did the right thing! 

I was in the Federal Witness Protection Program for cooperating with the FBI. I wrote a book about all of the stuff that Internet Negroes think they are tallumbout—Kev Gillz and now, The Mighty Hebrew. You niggers are “a day late and a dollar short.” My story has been published since 2007. You only know about my past life because I put it out there! I could’ve easily rode off on a horse into the sunset, never to be heard from ever again! There are many, many ex-Yahweh members who are in the Witness Protection Program who are living normal lives. I just happen to be a loud-mouf writer with a story to tell who ain’t afraid to tell it.

The Mighty Hebrew can suck Yahweh ben Yahweh’s dead dick and cancerous asshole! From afar and way after Yahweh ben Yahweh’s rise and demise does he pay homage. The Yahweh cult was just one more sick and demented black group who preyed upon the innocence and naivete’ of the people and along comes the ex-drug dealer and pedophile, The Mighty Hebrew who thinks he can reinterpret the fuckery of 30 years ago. Instead of throwing death threats over these Internets, pray to your god for some facial hair and coming to terms with your sickness as a child molester! Because it is a truism, “Never trust a black man with no facial hair!” You look like a pedophile!

Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult"(2010) and The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013). Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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