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The Mis-Education of Cubana Lust

By Khalil Amani

I’ve pondered writing this blog for over a week! Why? Because I have love for Cubana Lust. Because I want to treat this blog properly. Because I didn’t want to speak rashly. Because I wanted to see if this subject still irks me. Because I respect the art-form of the video vixen/urban model. Because I want to find a way to make Cubana Lust change her opinion of me and lastly, and most importantly—because I’ve got major respect for “the god” DJ Kayslay. We are both part of DJ Kayslay’s Straight Stuntin Movement and we are both featured in the current issue of Straight Stuntin Magazine.

(Cubana Lust on Left, Khalil Amani's article inside)

A dude should never “hate” on a female, so don’t take this as such (unless you’re a simple-minded imp!) This is about constructive criticism—informing—educating and making sense of a diss slight thrown my way by Ms. Lust.

Cubana Lust is one of hip-hop’s hottest vixens—bar none! She’s all over the Internet, in magazines, on the radio, etc. She has the body of a goddess, tatted with a panther (I believe) on her butt-cheek. It is her symbol, which stands out in a group of like-minded asses.

(Hawt Video Vixen Cubana Lust)

Cubana Lust is my home-girl—a 305 Miami representer whose at the top of her game when it comes to the new breed of models—trading the flat ass and skinny waif look for a voluptuous, phat-bottom, thick-thighed figure. Through DJ Kayslay, I first came into contact with Ms. Lust. We’ve spoken on Twitter and we follow each other on Twitter. As far as I could tell, we were cool people. But I’ve got a problem with Cubana Lust! She hurt my feelings and I’m not so hard that I can’t admit it!

A week ago I saw/heard her on DJ Kayslay’s Sirius Radio Ustream, which airs on Wednesday nights. There came a point where Cubana Lust and DJ Kayslay were flipping through the current issue of Straight Stuntin Magazine. I’m sitting here watching and listening as they give commentary on each model. When Kayslay turned to my page, which features an article about—of all things—video vixens/models and the disrespect they face—Cubana Lust says, “Uh-ah. He ain’t the business!” Kayslay retorted something like “Where you know him?” to which she responded “From you!” Then Kayslay said, “He’s a blogger!”

It was a very short exchange, which took all of ten seconds, but for me—it was a whammy of a ten seconds! Cubana Lust had just dissed me before Kayslay! WOW! I “ain’t the business” means he’s wack, corny, and uncouth—to put it bluntly, I’m a hot ghetto mess! I was like, “What the fuck?” Maybe it was the alcohol speaking for Ms. Lust. She was clearly “on tilt” and the saying is “A drunken mind speaks a sober heart.” Maybe that’s why they call alcohol “liquid courage?”

Again, this ain’t no “hate” blog, although I would be thoroughly justified and within my rights to “give her the blogging business,” but I won’t. My respect for DJ Kayslay won’t allow me to do it, but it doesn’t stop her from disrespecting someone (me!) whom Kayslay feels brings something fresh and relevant to hip-hop in general and to his magazine, specifically. The underlying diss was really at Kayslay—the visionary who saw fit to bring me into his fold. Cubana Lust needs to respect his mind!

("The god" DJ Kayslay, More Than Just a DJ!)

Like I said—I had no clue that Cubana Lust had “hate” in her heart for me. People always throw that word around—“hate”—and this was clearly a classic case of unprovoked “hateration.” Why would she “hate” on lil ol’ me? All I did was ask to take a picture with her! I didn’t grab her ass! There were plenty of big asses on that boat ride on the Hudson—so much so, that I forgot about her until I saw her after we came back to shore.

(Cubana Lust & Khalil Amani... we actually look like a couple in!)

(Khalil Amani enjoying one of the many "asses" on the Hudson)

I was the perfect gentleman! Maybe it was my turban that made her say “he ain’t the business.” Maybe she thinks I’m down with Osama. Perhaps she said “he ain’t the business” because I advocate for gay and lesbian rappers? Something tells me this is the root of her disdain for me because we’ve spoken about this subject. How do you have “issues” with gay rappers and you’ve got videos doing the “booty-clap” and a sex video on the Internet? I’m just sayin’… Do you think you are morally superior and a gay rapper is beneath you? Are you falling back on you Catholic religious background to pass judgment on gays, while doing the booty-clap? Again, I’m just saying… On what moral authority do you seek to “hate” on me?

I come with a message of INCLUSION! Straight, gay, bi, women...speak your truth!

On the gay question—Cubana Lust—you may not like skinny jeans (I don’t either!), but like booty-clapping, it is a part of the hip-hop landscape that, evidently, a lot of straight guys like. If you’ve got issues with dudes doing “gay things” (like wearing skinny jeans) you should check your homophobia. It’s kinda hypocritical to be raggin’ on skinny jeans (so-called faggot shit) while you’re dipped in chocolate with another female simulating homoerotic sex.

(Homo-eroticism... something we straight guys love! lol!)

That’s “faggot shit” embodied in feminine form! It’s still homosexuality albeit with two women, which hip-hop loves. We only scream “faggots!” when we see two men dipped in chocolate. We scream “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” when we see two chicks dipped in chocolate.

Your homophobia is hypocritical!

Whatever the case—there’s some mis-education going on when it comes to Khalil Amani, so I’m going to break it down for Ms. Cubana Lust and anybody who believes that Khalil Amani “ain’t the business.”

It takes a revolutionary mind—a visionary mind—a trendsetter—one who is not a follower, but a leader to recognize genius. “The god” DJ Kayslay is a visionary and a revolutionary, because that’s what it takes to entertain the mind of Khalil Amani—someone who isn’t a clone of mainstream thinking! It is not that he cosigns everything I write, but understands that what I write warrants conversation.

(DJ Kayslay, owner of Straight Stuntin Magazine & Khalil Amani)

Saying that I “ain’t the business” (wack) is an affront to Kayslay’s belief that indeed, I am “the business,” else I wouldn’t be gracing his magazine! Saying I “ain’t the business” is a jab at Kayslay’s acuity and acumen (keenness of insight, intellect). Who are you to question Kayslay’s veracity (credibility)? If I “ain’t the business” how do you even know Khalil Amani?

(Khalil Amani/DJ Kay with gay rappers on XM Sirius Radio. The white guy and the 4 dudes behind him with the caps on are gay ! You'd never clock any of them as gay! )

Again, I come with a message of INCLUSION! Straight, gay, bi, women...speak your truth!

Cubana Lust! For what you do, “you are the business!” Why do you feel that you have to drive in my lane and critique what you think I’m about? You think I’m just that nigga talkin’ about all that gay shit!

I came on the hip-hop scene as this “supposedly” straight guy (wink-wink) advocating for gay rappers. (Some of y’all still think I’m on some D/L shit! Don’t you think it’s kinda hard to be “down low” while advocating for GAY rappers? Duh?) Yes! I absolutely big-up gay rappers, but that’s not all that Khalil Amani is about. He also advocates for females—video vixens, strippers, and even porn stars—the right to use their body as a tool of empowerment—to make money—as adult entertainment—that the nude body is not shameful and the nude body is art! God said that He/She made everything and that everything He/She made was GOOD! (Genesis 1: 10, 12, 21, 25) And after He/She made a “male and female” God exclaimed that “it was very good” (verse 31).

There is absolutely nothing wrong with nudity! Nudity as “shame” is a religious device used to control people and women in particular. Go read my article for further clarification.

If Cubana Lust had read my article in Straight Stuntin Magazine—the same issue that we both appear in—she would’ve been like “Whoa! Homeboy droppin’ science! This nigga’s essay for my right to show my ass is on point! This dude has some history and religious chops! Damn Kayslay! I ain’t never seen no blogger big-up what we do like this nigga!”

But instead—Cubana Lust, in her ignorance (meaning lack of know-the-ledge) commented, “He ain’t the business!”

Not only do I write about a woman’s right to shake her ass—I live it! I have two daughters that are/were strippers/video vixens and I fully support their right to the art-form!

(Khalil Amani's daughter Tara, a dancer at Atlanta's famed Stroker's Club)

(Khalil Amani's daughter Turi, who's appeared in Trina ft. Ludacris video B R Right, MTV with Fat Joe/Lean Back performance, Straight Stuntin Magazine with Khalil Amani and many other publications.)

These are my babies! I love them and am proud of them!

How many fathers support their daughter’s pole-dancing, booty-clapping and semi/nude modeling? How many I ask? There are a lot of video models, strippers, and porn stars, which means that there are a lot of daddies out here with daughters in the business! I must be the realest nigga father in hip-hop! I ain’t never read that Cubana Lust’s father (or any video vixen/semi-nude/stripper/porn star’s father) cosigns her “profession.”

There ain’t a hip-hop writer on the planet bringing what I bring to the table! Bloggers be hatin’ on video vixens and strippers all day long! I lift them up! Niggas be hatin’ on females like 90 goin’ West! I put you on a pedestal as God’s greatest gift!

Why, pray-tell, would you “hate” on me?

There may come a day when your children see your pictures (from the neighborhood Bebe kid)—or see pictures of you and some other woman simulating lesbian sex—or doing the booty-clap—or, God forbid, see the homemade sex tape of you and come to you for an explanation. It is articles like mine (The Video Vixen: Hip-Hop’s Mary Magdalene) that help shape hip-hop’s POSITIVE perception of what you do—that puts a positive spin on what many consider a shameful profession, calling models “video hoes,” “jump offs,” “squeezers”—inferring that prostitution is at the root of what video models do. I’ve heard it all, yet I reject it because I know many models on a personal level. It is articles like mine that your children may read and gain some insight as to the beauty for the nude body and their mother’s chosen profession. It is articles like mine that counters the misogyny (hatred of women) and puts in perspective the questions, which they may have.

Khalil Amani is not your enemy! Yea! I am your hip-hop papi when it comes to spitting truth. (I know I don't look it, but have children older than Cubana Lust!) I am that blogger which you can count on when anyone tries to put a video vixen on blast! Just ask Charlemagne The God, who dissed Buffie The Body on air and yours truly (Khalil Amani) got at him and ripped him up in a blog. I am that blogger, which featured Lia Cha, who I consider the “Hottest Chick in da Game” on my site, The Khalil Amani Reader (

(Khalil Amani & the lovely Lia Cha...The Hawtest Chick in da Game!)

If you don't know who I be (Ebonics!), Google me! You'll find out that Khalil Amani has been doing Khalil Amani for a minute--I've been in Spin Magazine, LA Times, a shit load of Internet sites, including Byron Crawford's (the best hip-hop blogger on the Internet!), who's blogged about me ad nauseam!--six times! (To the point of wanting to puke!) Google me and hit up the bookstore and get one of my SIX BOOKS! I'm that "diamond in the rough, " which Kayslay extracted out of obscurity! Show me some love sista!

I gets it in on the literary tip or as DJ Kayslay personally told me, "Your pen-game is sick!" Writing is my passion! Writing is my catharsis! Writing is my freedom!

At-the-end-of-the-day, Cubana Lust has my love and support and I respect what she does .Just don’t get me twisted! Step your thought-processing game up and get into me! I am “the business” on so many levels!

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