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The “Not Another Hassan ‘Poppy’ Campbell” Blog.

The “Not Another Hassan ‘Poppy’ Campbell” Blog.

By Khalil Amani

I’ve been riding Hassan “Poppy” Campbell’s ass (no homo!) like The Lone Ranger rides Silver—video blog after video blog! It was never my intent to take the focus off Afrika Bambaataa’s pedophilia, but the more Poppy opened his mouf, the more I had to speak up! Following the “Conscious Community’s” and the Hebrew Israelites prescribed homophobia, Poppy attempted to leapfrog homosexuality into the realm of pedophilia and I, as “Gay Hip-Hop’s Straight Advocate”—couldn’t have that! I had to challenge the veracity (truthfulness) of Poppy’s claims and prove that he was on the wrong track, while trying to advocate for child molestation victims. I had to let it be known that, in fact, Poppy was now becoming the molester of 20% of the world’s population—the gays, by proclaiming that homosexuality was gateway sex to pedophilia. Furthermore, he needed to know that no child molestation advocacy group would ever work with Poppy, teaching such sexual heresy!

Poppy went on to insert NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) into his conversation—taking the demagogic route, as to incite the notion that not only do child molesters deserved to die, but, by extension, gay people were just as bad as child molesters and deserved the same wrath. I had to show that every gay rights group has denounced NAMBLA’s ideology as “repugnant,” which means extremely distasteful and unacceptable. Poppy did not spit half-truths regarding NAMBLA! He spit outright lies!

If you’re listening to Poppy with an acute ear, you’ve noticed that he’s ex’d-out all that NAMBLA rhetoric, because, again, I was able to show the connection betwixt NAMBLA and the group that he’s repped for over 25 years—the fucking Moorish Zulu Nation—keyword being “Moorish.” NAMBLA’s most prolific voice and advocate is none other than a Moor himself—Hakim Bey—the early student of Noble Drew Ali. Hakim Bey is a staff writer for NAMBLA and has written articulately in support of man/boy love. Hakim Bey is no small voice in America’s sexual conversation! If ya think I’m bullshittin’—get to Goggling his name! Here's my blog making the Zulu Nation & NAMBLA connection. Poppy shut up after this came out! LOL! "Poppy’s Zulu Nation: The Child of NAMBLA!" on The Khalil Amani Reader:

My fight with Poppy is no one else’s fight—not Michael Edwards’s—Sa Neter’s or Israel Doctrine’s! They three don’t give a flying-fuck about gay people and gay people’s civil and human rights! They are bound by the Bible and the orthodoxy of Kemetic thinking—and even though I’ve lived the life of a Hebrew Israelite and consider myself a practitioner of Kemetic ideology—I fully reject any Kemetic thinking that is homophobic!

These YouTubers stand mute on advocating for gay rights and say nothing when Poppy says blatantly false stuff—like homosexuality leading to pedophilia, because, as stated, Conscious Community folk of the Irritated Genie ilk and Hebrew Israelites of the I.S.U.P.K. ilk are steeped in homophobia. Irritated Genie’s, “Straight Black Pride” ideology is as idiotic, ass-backwards and asinine as white people asking for a “White History Month!” Negro please! White history is the dominant history in America! Straight people, black and white are the dominant sexual culture in America! Why would there be a need for the idiocy of something called, “Straight Black Pride?” In my Homer Simpson voice, “Douph!” Niggas have no originality, but have adopted the narrow-minded thinking of their white oppressors!

Yes! I’m “Gay Hip-Hop’s Straight Advocate/Spiritual Advisor”—who wrote the first book on hip-hop’s homophobia in 2007. And—coincidentally, if you haven’t heard by now, ala YouTuber, Israel Doctrine, I was the first media person to write about Afrika Bambaataa being gay—being a child molester—and getting stabbed on April 1, 2013. People have commented, “So what? Do you want a cookie? Who cares who was first?” Well, when you read the reports about this story, Star of YouTube’s Shot97 is given that distinction as the “first” to “out” Bambaataa—and no one says anything. And now that Israel Doctrine has combed through the Internet’s graveyard—and brought Khalil Amani out of obscurity—and correctly fixed the narrative—it’s a problem! Here's my story that started the Bambaataa ball rolling!

The aforementioned stuff is my reasons for being in this conversation. I didn’t just insert myself into Afrika Bambaataa’s and Poppy’s fuck-shit! I am the starting point—the flashpoint—the beginning—the progenitor and eponymous media personage who kicked this shit off! Yet, for my little contribution—for my footnote in exposing Afrika Bambaataa, Poppy has relegated my significance to this story as merely, “gossip” and had the nerve to address me with the idiocy of, “You cannot expose a pedophile if you not the victim of a pedophile”—and, “So all you [Khalil Amani] did was hear about a situation, which made it gossip! You didn’t have no facts on it and you gossiped! So what you did was give celebrity gossip.” Thanks to Dave Wedge's succinctly and comprehensive article on Afrika Bambaataa, I am credited with first "outing" Bambaataa, so Poppy's commentary is pure poppycock! i.e. Nonsense. (Pun intended!) Wedge's article writes, "Author and blogger Khalil Amani, a Colorado-based writer for DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin Magazine, was the first to publicly allege sexual misconduct by Bambaataa...." Full article here.

Putting the icing on the cake, Poppy disrespects this father of five, grandfather of nine (ME!) by saying, “Oh I understand. I insulted the gay community and you just so happen to suck dick. My apologies. I did not mean to offend you. I have no problem with you sucking dick. I’m sorry. You can take every piece of cock up your ass that you want to. My apologies.”

The charge that I’m gay for being an advocate for gay people is an old one, dating back to 2007 when I first started my advocacy with my groundbreaking book on homophobia, “Hip-Hop Homophobes: Origins & Attitudes Towards Gays & Lesbians in Hip-Hop Culture; As Perpetuated By Rappers, Thugs, Athletes, Reggae Rastas & Religionists; Essays on the 3,000 year old Polemic Against Homosexuality; A Religious Hoax!”—a book that had me being quoted in Spin Magazine, The LA Times, Straight Stuntin Magazine, Miami New Times, and all over these Internets!

The sting of reading such (gay) venom about me by Poppy has long subsided. Calling me gay was Poppy’s “Playin’-da-Dozens-Yo Mama!” get-back at me because I‘ve thoroughly crushed what he had to say about gay people, NAMBLA, and me being the first to expose Bambaataa. Why of course! What else could Poppy possibly say to me besides claiming that I suck dick? LOL. How ironic that a man who’s felt another man’s burly beard rubbing up against his pubes—felt another man’s lips rapped around and engulfing his penis—has climaxed in another man’s mouf would call me gay? (Does Bam deep-throat? Asking for a friend.) Projection is a muthafucka! (And he wants us to believed that he’s never returned the favor and had Bambaataa’s cock down his throat? I’ve got beachfront property in Nebraska for sale, if you believe he was merely the receiver and never reciprocated.)

But really! This was my “Not Another Hassan ‘Poppy’ Campbell” Blog. I’ve thrashed him ad nauseam! I wanna talk to Afrika Bambaataa now! Yo! Afrika Bambaataa! By now, I’m sure you know me. You’ve known of me for a minute now! At least, since 2013. Remember when that Spanish kid stabbed you and ya mans, because you decided to put your lips on that ”younger version of Poppy’s” cock? Remember when you and your team had to huddle up and concoct a story that you were having “chest pains?”—the reason you were admitted to Jacobi Hospital? You were having chest pains all right—knife wounds to the chest can be painful, eh? Why didn’t you dispel the rumor by showing us a recent bare chested picture of you with a dated newspaper? Why didn’t you forgo HIPAA regulations (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and show the world your hospital record on April 1, 2013? You mean to tell me that nobody thought of these things, but instead, had some dude named Minister El Kamonzi Heru Bey lie on me, writing, “A ‘so called’ Hip Hop writer named Khalil Amani claims to have heard the rumors from ‘reliable sources’ and then help spread the ugly rumor via the internet. The fact that Khalil Amani would assume these sources as reliable indicates an ulterior- motive. Khalil Amani should have truly investigated his so-called sources and he would have found it to be a completely untrue rumor.” 

I really had love for Afrika Bambaataa! My God! He is the Godfather of hip-hop music! It pained and panged me to hear these disturbing allegations! Five years ago, on April 2, 2013 I wrote, “The grapevine—the wire—gossip—hood-speak has been whispering about Afrika Bambaataa over the years—saying that (allegedly) he is gay and likes young guys/teenage boys. Niggas in New York say its true, but have kept that ish under raps (no pun intended) for the sake of rap music. Hip-hop is in denial and has been in denial for over 30-years! On everything! I HOPE that I'm wrong as fuck!”

I guess you can call me Negrodumas...

See? I had love for Afrika Bambaataa, but my sources—one, a music industry insider and another, a Zulu Nation security member gave me the story, uncut and raw just hours after Bam was stabbed! How could I not believe their stories and run with it?

Bambaataa! Why did you lie on me? And then you threatened my life, through DJ Kay Slay, having your goons call him and ask him to ask me to take down my blog with thinly veiled language of threats of violence by doing me bodily harm!

I know you had no idea whom you were fucking with, but you fucked around and messed with the wrong one! You fucked around and threatened someone who was/is connected to the government. Do you know what would’ve happened had you done something to someone who is government connected? You and the Zulu Nation would’ve immediately been trounced! As it is, you and the Zulu Nation are on borrowed time. There’s a reckoning day coming for you Bambaataa! For molesting Poppy and Ronald Savage and that young Spanish kid and those who’ve come forward and those who haven’t come forward!

Why did you lie on New York TV and say you didn’t know Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage—and then a flyer surfaces with your and Bee Stinger’s name on it? You’re a straight-up liar!


Why did you lie to Hassan “Poppy” Campbell in that meeting and not fulfill your obligations to get B.O. a headstone and open up a youth center for the children? (Even though that’s a fucking outrageous idea with you being a pedophile and all!) Have you really stepped down as the head of the Zulu Nation? And weren’t you locked up in Brazil for fucking with a little boy? And what happened in the U.K.? Did you cause a teenager to commit suicide across the pond because you sexually violated him? What about that other young man from Britain that you met while he was vacationing in New York? Took him to your Bronx River lair and masturbated in front of him with a tub of vaseline and then sucked him off and bit the man's dick! Your teeth marks are still on that man's cock 30 years later! You were on some sadistic Blacula shit! According to that man's story, not only is Bambaataa a pedophile, but a rapist! He begged Bam to leave, but was made to sit on the couch as Bam did nasty things to him, including biting the man's schlong! Ugh! Ewwww!

Did you ask Poppy to go kill that Spanish kid who stabbed you? Did you have someone else kill that Spanish kid? And where the fuck is your girlfriend—or wife? How come hip-hop doesn’t know about one stank-box—one piece of pussy—one nappy dug-out—not one woman you’ve ever been connected to? You're damn near 60 years old and ain’t got no chirr’ren? Does your little men (sperm) not swim or maybe "you ain't had pussy since pussy had you?" What kinda black man izz you? You ain’t even trying to fake it with a “beard” (a fake relationship with a woman). It’s time for you to ‘fess up—that hip-hop’s origins are gayer than a muthafucka! Why couldn’t you just be gay without the pedophile—pederast—and hebephile stuff? What a shit-stain of a person you are Bambaataa! I don’t care how much you’ve done for hip-hop, the black community, etc. Hitler built the autobahn, but he was still a worthless piece of shit!

Afrika Bambaataa, hear me well! You are one self-centered individual! Why haven’t you answered the charges levied against you to the black conscious community? You and Malachi York are “Two birds of a feather who flock together!”

So, you’re down in Brazil flo’-showin’ and parlayin’? We see you! We know your “nigger pennies” go a long way in Brazil and other Third World Whorehouses. If you don’t think our American government is watching you—if Interpol isn’t watching you—then you are sorely mistaken!

Hassan “Poppy” Campbell has become a distraction—a YouTuber who assuredly knows the secrets of Zulu Nation criminality, but because he probably has bloodstained hands, refuses to pull the figurative trigger and put Bambaataa away by going to those people (FBI) and informing on his spiritual father, Bam. Poppy has already incriminated and implicated himself in the plot to kill the Spanish kid. Hopefully, that assassination attempt was scrubbed, but we should put pressure on Poppy and the authorities to find the Spanish kid and quell public speculation.

Afrika Bambaataa! Don’t get it twisted! You are still the focal-point of all this Internet YouTube banter! You are much too smart to believe Poppy’s narrative—that we are letting you off the hook and victimizing the victim. Though we may be running a fine-toothed-comb over Poppy—mainly because his "coming out" story was not like Ronald Savage's, who came out willingly—but that Poppy only came out after a video resurfaced and caused him to stand up against Bam. In his own words, Poppy agreed to stay quiet about Bam's pedophilia and it was only after Poppy being forced out, and Bam not upholding the things he agreed to, that Poppy began to bang on Bam. This is the qualitative difference betwixt Poppy’s story and Savage’s story. If Poppy’s video had not resurfaced—had you, Afrika Bambaataa, fulfilled the things you agreed to, we would not know about Poppy. This is why Poppy’s narrative gets the “side-eye” from the astute and acute amongst us!

Let us not also not forget about the motley crew of miscreants that kept Afrika Bambaataa's pedophilia from rearing its ugly head. These council members. They knew that Bam was doing ugly things to minors! May the dragnet of R.I.C.O. ensnare them as well! These old fucks below are the co-conspirators in the Zulu Nation pedophile ring. The person third from left is Ahmed Henderson, Bambaataa's man that was also stabbed by that Spanish kid.


Afrika Bambaataa! Don’t get it twisted! The end-game is not to disrupt Poppy’s life. The end-game is to bring you to justice for crimes against children! Bet dat!

Khalil Amani is gay hip-hop's "Straight Advocate." He writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, The Biography Channel. Author of six books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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