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The Origin of Our Homophobia.

By Khalil Amani


From Khalil Amani's groundbreaking book on homophobia in Hip-Hop, "Hip-Hop Homophobes..." (

It doesn’t matter what ghetto you were raised in or what ‘hood/barrio/project or Island you came from, or what “set” you rep or the fact that you’ve never stepped foot in a church all of your life—It doesn’t matter if you call yourself and nigga, a wigga or a trigga pullin’ nigga or a wigga with a super-fine figga—It doesn’t matter if you’re from the upper echelon of society—the ’burbs of 90210—It doesn’t matter if you’re from the progressive North, the liberal West, the Bible-belt Midwest or the Country-ass Dirty South—you have been indoctrinated against homosexuality! It doesn’t matter if you were raised with a silver spoon up your ass! Our Judeo-Christian society raised us to be homophobic—overtly and covertly. We have all been influenced by the “Good Book,” the Bible. Our country was founded on biblical principles that still govern our morality. It is in this book that we trust to be God’s Word—the truth. We believe, without question, every story, myth, parable, psalm, and gospel. As the symbol of our spirituality/faith, the most gangsta rapper can be seen sporting a crucifix (cross). He is a Christ believer, even though he may not buy into all of the trimmings of organized religion. The very fact that rappers wear crucifixes and “Jesus pieces” around their necks lets us know that they have been exposed to Christianity/religion from a little child.

Many of our preachers, the supposed “great communicators” of God’s Word laid down the foundation for our homophobia. From the pulpit, many of them have spewed venom against homosexuality, convincing us that God is against gays and lesbians by citing a few bullshyt passages from the Bible to back up their claim. Yes, I said “bullshyt passages” from the Bible! They are bullshyt when you come to understand their origins. It is from these very, very few scriptures that homophobia enters the annals of human history. Many of our preachers, in their ignorance, have accepted all that was handed down to them concerning homosexuality.

Even those that went to seminary school and studied the history of religion/Judaism—having come in contact with “Pseudepigraphal,” “Apocryphal,” and “Gnostic” texts—“The Sayings Gospel Q”—having studied the “Dead Sea Scrolls,” the “Nag Hammadi” writings—having knowledge of the “Secret Gospel of Mark” (a text that hints that Jesus “might” have been a homosexual, according to one Professor Morton)—having studied the writings of our great African/Christian church father, St. Augustine, as he wrestled with his own homosexuality, as he wrote some of the most prolific Christian doctrine on his way to sainthood—many of our preachers come away as stupid… as ignorant… as brainwashed… as biased… as homophobic as a nicca from the ‘hood! They’ve got all of the knowledge, all of the information at their disposal, all of the controversy surrounding the advent of Christianity, yet they are too chicken-shyt to move their congregations beyond the homophobia that preceded them into the ministry! They ain’t tryin’ to be controversial! They ain’t tryin’ to be progressive! They ain’t tryin’ to be freethinking! They ain’t tryin’ to rock the boat! They ain’t tryin’ to rethink the ignorance of ages gone by! They ain’t tryin’ to tell the goddamned truth concerning homosexuality and the bullshyt reasons why the Bible supposedly condemned homosexuality! Nay! They are stuck on a 3,000-year-old lie! They are stuck in the city of Sodom ! But I’m gonna kill it dead for anyone who has an ear! You smell me?

The origin of our homophobia was birthed some 3,000 years ago by a nomadic and freebooting people—a people without a country—a people who claimed to have divinely inspired truths that were foreign to the nations—a people who came on the world stage as the bringers of light (knowledge) when, in fact, they were thieves, plagiarists and copiers of all that is called “holy.” They became the "masters of lying in a holy manner!" (according to philosopher Nietzsche) The so-called “holy men” among them conspired to overthrow the religions of the people they encountered by writing laws that were aimed at suppressing the religious practices and the sexual appetites of their people. A grand conspiracy I tell you!

They were called “Hebrews”—the people who “crossed over,” “crossed a boundary,” and “wandered.” All of their stories are reminiscent of Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Canaanite, and Persian myths that predate the Bible by one thousand years! Can you feel me? It is from these copiers, the Hebrew/Jewish nation that we have arrived at our present attitudes and biases about homosexuality—from a bunch of ignorant men from ages gone by. What the hell did they know about sex and sexuality? Nadda! You’ve got a problem with what I just wrote? Your problem is with your lack of history—religious history to be more specific.

The dissin’ of homosexuality is a religious hoax, rooted in ancient Jewish folklore, written by their priests, who forged God’s signature to give their sentiments authenticity and validity. A simply investigation into the matter makes one conclude that the Bible isn’t the all-inspired Word of God, but rather an amalgamation of nameless/anonymous writers who concocted the homosexual myth in the name of their god for a specific purpose. The myth against homosexuality in the Bible has about as much truthfulness as Uncle Remus’ Briar Rabbit and Aesop’s Fables! It is these same liars that concocted the “Hamitic Myth!” (A bullshyt fragmented myth in Genesis 9 that teaches that black ‘Hamitic/African’ people were supposed to be subservient/slaves to white people and taught by Southern white racist preachers during slavery times to keep the African in check. This myth laid the moral pretext for the enslavement of millions of African people! … Right out of your “holey” Bible!). It is a lie! Straight like that! But because it’s in the Bible, we believe it. Bullshyt to the tenth power I tell you! The Bible, in its misreading, has been used to enslave African people and now it is being used to send gays/lesbians to hell. Everything we believe we feel about homosexuality is rooted in the Bible. I officially charge some of the Bible writers as homophobes, Negrophobes and misogynists! The homosexual myth is a lie!

Some of our parents told us, “Don’t play with yourself (masturbate) or you’ll go blind!” “Don’t play with yourself or you’ll get hairy palms!” Some of our preachers refer to the story of Onan in the Bible, who, when about to ejaculate (cum), pulled out of the woman and shot his wad (sperm) on the ground (Genesis 38:9-10). The technical/sexual term is called Coitus Interruptus. God killed him for “pulling out!” Thus, we get— “masturbation is bad.” Look where TWO muthafuckin’ scriptures got us! Shame, guilt, and fear for exploring the erogenous zones of one’s own body! Such a simple story, written 3,000 years ago, that is still parroted in the pulpit today to keep us from sexual experimentation. It might have worked on some of us, but, for the most part, we found out that they were LIARS! We didn’t go blind or get hairy palms! God did not strike us dead for pulling out and ejaculating in the air! And so it is with the homosexual myth in the Bible. Boy have we been duped into some ig-nant shyt!

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most hardcore gang banger out here! Somewhere in your upbringing the message was thoroughly ingrained in your psyche to view homosexuality as sin. But had it not been for the Bible’s polemic (argument) against homosexuality, you wouldn’t be dissin’ gays and lesbians like you do. If the Bible had not first dissed homosexuality, we wouldn’t be having this discussion in 2007. So understand that anti-homosexuality’s mother is the Jewish nation’s concocted myth. Just keep reading and you shall get to the meat of historical homophobia and come away with a clear understanding of how the world came to dislike homosexuals—just keep reading and you will understand how some ignorant men who claimed they were speaking and writing on God’s behalf, who could barely read and write themselves—who couldn’t articulate in any formal manner where babies came from—came to believe that same-sex attraction was an abomination (evil) unto the Lord—a book (Old Testament), which condemns man-on-man love, but says nothing about lesbianism—says nothing about incest between a man and his daughter!—condones polygamy (multiple wives)—condones intermarriage between first cousins. All these things were going on back then, as they are going on today. But the move to condemn homosexuality was not just a religious one, but a political move, which was to insure the growth and existence of the Jewish nation.

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