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The Snotty-Nose Kid whom Grew up to Save the World?

The Snotty-Nose Kid whom Grew up to Save the World?
By Khalil Amani

One of the beautiful things about being a writer is the freedom of expression. As a very opinionated person, I’m always arguing or debating with people. Albeit, in a respectful way. I’m constantly writing about what takes place in my life and around me. People consistently give me ideas to write about. I guess you could say I’m an observer of life.

There are lessons that can be learned with the smallest of exchanges.

Doesn't it just tans your hide when someone from your past still see you in the same light. Like, thirty-years later they are still stuck in a time-warp and you've moved on and grown into bigger and better things--educationally, spiritually, economically, etc.

Like me!

The “Lloyd” Khalil of yesteryear—the skinny, buck-toothed, snotty-nose kid—the Lloyd Khalil of 1978—the Lloyd Khalil who was a stripper back-in-the-day—the Lloyd khalil that many were so fond of—the Lloyd Khalil who was full of flaws, contradictions, and inadequacies—the Lloyd Khalil who was trying to find himself through women, fraternities, cults and life-experiences.

This is the Lloyd that many in my family know! They don't know the "Khalil Amani" that so many throughout the world have come to know through my books, blogs, interviews and teachings!

Similarly, I want to tell you a story about another snotty-nose kid—raised in a poor Jewish ghetto in Nazareth, Israel. His name was Yahshua (Jesus). Like Lloyd, there was nothing remarkable about him or his childhood. He was an average student who did all of those first-century children things like making clay ducks, throwing rocks, fighting and cursing. At times, this rambunctious youngster found himself in trouble, much like Lloyd. Some even thought he was a troublemaker.

“The Infancy Gospels” (books most of you have never read or heard about, which deal with the childhood of Jesus) tell us of a Jesus who was as normal as any other kid on his block, save he had the ability to look at people and cause great harm to them. His father Joseph, for his mischievousness, reprimanded the child Jesus on many occasions. His tongue was sharp and his mind was brighter than the average kid.

Yahshua had the remarkable ability to “read” people and had a keen sense of spirituality—again, like the young Lloyd, who was always fascinated by spirituality and religious matters—so much so, that at age ten, Lloyd, of his own freewill and without his parents and siblings, walked to his church one Sunday evening and got baptized—receiving the Holy Spirit and accepting Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

Not knowing the life of Yahshua—which, he too, would get lost and be found in the temple pontificating with the rabbis and the elders. His parents, Joseph and Mary were astonished to find their twelve year old son Yahshua droppin’ major science on those old-head rabbis! They were like, “WTF?”

Besides Mary and Joseph, nobody really thought this kid would amount to anything. Little did they know that there was something great brewing in his head—an idea so out-of-this-world that only he himself could fathom!

For many years, the young Yahshua kept his spiritual prowess on the down-low. He became a reserved young man, kickin’ it with his homies, doing what was required of him by learning the family carpentry business.

Oh, but one day! One afternoon when he and the fellas were at a wedding checking out the ladies and drinking some New Jerusalem wine—this would be the event that would thrust him onto the world-stage and cause “hateration” unparalleled in the annals if human history!

Up until this moment, only a few knew that he was divine. If you asked a person from his hometown about him, they’d laugh and say, “You mean bullet-head Yahshua, the snotty-nose kid up the block? That dude ain’t about ‘Richard Nixon!’” (We all know Richard Nixon wasn’t shit!)

A thirty-year old Yahshua did what had NEVER been done—turn water into wine!

Who would’ve thought that this kid would grow up and be blessed with supra-human abilities? Nobody saw it coming! Nobody! When word of his “teaching” got back home, they were player-hating on him something fierce!

“I always knew that dude Yahshua was off in LA-LA Land! That cat couldn’t even recite Torah in school! Well you know his mama was a ho! Joseph ain’t his daddy! The nigga’s a bastard child! What the hell does he know about teaching? Did you hear he road into Jerusalem on a donkey and them fools were shouting ‘Hosanna in the Highest!’ He’s calling himself messiah/anointed one! Can you believe that? Yeah, the cat thinks he’s the Son of God! I used to see his raggedy-ass in the hood all the time! I think the dude’s gay myself! He be kickin’ it with twelve dudes all the time!”

Let’s keep it real! The people that supposedly knew Jesus all his life were actually the one’s that didn’t know him at all! They couldn’t get passed the snotty-nose kid! They could not believe that indeed, he was the Son of the True and Living God! They were stuck in his childhood. They could NEVER respect him, his teaching, his learning or his claim of divinity! Why? Because they knew him when… (He was a nobody!)

And so it is written/ spoken where Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household.” (Matt. 13:57, Mark 6:4)

Damn! Truer words have never been spoken! The same people that didn’t believe in that snotty-nose kid from Nazareth (Jesus) are the same people today, who once you get to where you’re going in life, will never see the new you for being blinded by the old you.


Your family is usually the last to discover your genius because they “knew you when” you were a snotty-nose kid! They can never take you serious! They are your biggest player-haters! They don’t believe that “genius” can come from among them!


The over-40 crowd is the over 40-crowd. To my young people reading this; take heed! Don’t let family and so-called friends define and limit who you are! Some people are static (at a standstill) and some are dynamic (very forward moving)!

It is the people who know you now—as a grown, mature, thinking, knowing, intelligent, wise and freethinking individual—these are the one’s who can see you with their “Third Eye” and see the genius in you.

And so, the scripture saith, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man [or woman], I put away childish things [ideas].” (I Corinthians 13:11)

Don’t get it twisted! Lloyd still resides in me. Lloyd still loves to party, dance, joke around, gamble, make love, and be human. But Khalil is who I am today—a mentor to many—a teacher to many more and a friend of truth.

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Comment by DJ AK on April 11, 2010 at 8:43pm
So well written... and such good timing! You always seem to hit it right on the money!!!!

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