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Zulu Nation: Flippin' Da Script on Khalil Amani!

Zulu Nation: Flippin' Da Script on Khalil Amani!

By Khalil Amani

The deceit and craftiness of the Zulu Nation is not to be taken lightly! When all this Afrika Bambaataa date-raping stuff hit the Internet, the Zulu Nation went into defense mode. I had first written a blog entitled, “Afrika Bambaataa—Gay—And Date-Raping?” on April 2, 2013. Several days later, I was asked to take it down by DJ Kay Slay (my hip-hop boss through Straight Stuntin Magazine) who had been pressed by the Zulu Nation to ask me to take it down. Kay Slay impressed upon me that the Zulu Nation might try to hurt me if I kept my blog up, so, regrettably, I yielded to the pressure and took it down.

But you know how these Internets are! The trolls had snatched my blog up and now my blog had taken flight! Like the phoenix, rising from the ashes of Hades, my blog on Afrika Bambaataa was being discussed in the community section of and other places. Straightway, I called DJ Kay Slay back to inform him that we were, “A day late and a dollar short”—that my blog on Bambaataa was already in the blogosphere—so I put my blog back on my website as a birthday present to Afrika Bambaataa on his birthday—April 17, 2013—and even though my blog had first posted on April 2, 2013—fifteen days earlier—no one had published any other accounts of Afrika Bambaataa being stabbed for date-raping a dude—so I have the distinguished place in hip-hop history as the first to “out,” and “expose” Afrika Bambaataa—and even though Hassan “Poppy” Campbell, one of Bambaataa’s victims takes strong exception to my claim and has relegated my work to “gossip”—the evidence is clear. In Poppy’s warped and queer logic, “You cannot expose a pedophile if you not a victim of a pedophile!” (And the “Side-Eye Award of the Year goes to…….. Hassan “Poppy” Campbell!)

The Zulu Nation had to dispel, disrupt and quash this Afrika Bambaataa rumor. Knowing full-well who started the rumor—they did a little research on me and found that just a month earlier (March 2013), I had taken rapper Rick Ross to task about his “Pop a Molly” lyric where it appears Ross is into date-raping chicks to get the scungy-brown—the nappy dugout—the stank-box—sex! Now the Zulu Nation could flip da script and use my prior words to make a parallel betwixt Rick Ross’s “Pop a Molly” date-raping and defend themselves against the rumor that Bambaataa date-raped a dude. They understood that the same “no-name blogger” was attached to going at Rick Ross and Afrika Bambaataa. Rick Ross is the 3-0-5 Miami homie, so it hurt to have to slice & dice him up, because I know him and his team—rappers Torch & Gunplay—personally!

(Top: Khalil Amani with rapper Torch of Rick Ross's "Triple C's." At bottom, Khalil Amani with rapper Gunplay of Rick Ross's "Triple C's"--Carol City Cartel. Carol City is a neighborhood in Miami, in which Rick Ross, Gunplay, Torch [he's from NY originally] and Khalil Amani all grew up in.) 

My new mantra is, “Men lie, women lie, but time-stamps don’t!” And so, my article on Rick Ross entitled, “Pop A Molly—I’m Raping—Wooooo!” was first published on March 26, 2013 on my website—The Khalil Amani Reader (Two weeks before the Bambaataa blog) and again on March 28, 2013 at and yet again on March 30, 2013 at This is where the Zulu Nation came up with the idea to use Rick Ross to dispel their man’s (Bambaataa’s) sexual fuckery—from me! Click and check out the time-stamped dates!

Smokescreen, obfuscation, confusion.

And so, straightway the Zulu Nation war machine went to work. Ahmed Henderson—Afrika Bambaataa’s top co-conspiratorial brown noser sycophant said, “Ridiculous. There are too many rumors. Bam checked into the hospital for chest pains. And he came out fine. Three days later he was Radio City Music Hall. If he was stabbed how, was he on stage performing?” To that, I would say, what was the severity of Bam’s stab wounds?” Duh!!!

Another ass-kissing sycophant of the Zulu Nation, Mickey Bentson (they say he’s Ice T’s manager) said, “Afrika Bambaataa was not stabbed so we do not know where this is coming from. Yes he did go to the hospital because of chest pains bothering him and everything checked out alright. So when did he get stabbed? That’s a rumor, sorry that didn’t happen to Afrika Bambaataa.”

And yet, a third high-ranking sycophant, a photographer named Ernie Paniccioli chimed in saying, “It is BS… to hell with anyone who defames a man who has devoted his life to Peace and dignity and who has been a beacon to generations of our youth. Never underestimate the Devil. I have know Bam for 35 years on this Earth and can vouch for him as a man, as a human being and as a mighty leader and yes even as an Icon. I will defend him with every breath I have in me. I can bear witness to his spirit and his warmth and his leadership.”

Isn't it interesting that Bambaataa could've easily cleared up this nasty rumor by doing one of two things?; #1. Showing us his medical records on that date for said "chest pains" or #2. Showing us a picture of his chest and back with a dated newspaper to verify that he wasn't stabbed. But, instead, he sent his minions out to clean up his dirt. A rumor like date-raping a dude is a rumor that must be vigorously fought with every fiber of one's being, if not true, but instead, Bambaataa did very little to quell the rumor. I would've done #1 and #2 to prove my innocence! Like Bambaataa's teacher, Malachi York, who pleaded guilty to messing with children, while, at the same time, maintaining his innocence through his brainwashed followers, so it was with Bambaataa. There is no coming back from copping out to child molestation Dr. York! I don't give fuck who you were trying to save from going to jail! You plead guilty to touching children, now die in prison you sick fuck! 

On April 20, 2013,’s “Illseed”—in his “Rumors” section writes, “First of all, it seems that there is a theory that the rumors of Bam are the result of a Rick Ross-affiliated blogger on a vendetta because of some cryptic unclear link to the date rape lyric situation?” 

Who was that supposed “affiliated blogger?” Khalil Amani!

The Rick Ross/Afrika Bambaataa connection came from my blog on Bam where I wrote,  "Mr. Bambaataa was recently stabbed! Why? From what the streets are saying, he (allegedly) pulled a “Rick Ross”—slipped some kind of date-rape drug in another man’s drink..." 

The Zulu nation and their lackeys were trying to solve this mathematical equation, which was—the dude who’s exposing Bambaataa (Khalil Amani) also exposed Rick Ross, but, at the same time claims to be his Miami homie. The Zulu Nation also threw out the conspiracy that because they had criticized Rick Ross’s lyric on UOENO, Ross looked to fire back at the Zulu Nation, using Khalil Amani as the get-back—at Afrika Bambaataa. Me and Rick Ross ain't never been that cool and I'm nobody's puppet, that is, unless the bag is super-impressive! LOL.

I can tell you for a certainty that their conspiracy theory is utterly ridiculous and ludacrisp!

Putting the final touch to rendering my blog unconscious, they brought out the big guns, their International Spokesman for the Zulu Nation, Minister El Kamonzi Heru Bey, whose job was to blast me to smithereens, writing, “A ‘so called’ Hip Hop writer named Khalil Amani claims to have heard the rumors from ‘reliable sources’ and then help spread the ugly rumor via the internet. The fact that Khalil Amani would assume these sources as reliable indicates an ulterior-motive. Furthermore, these rumors surfaced around Afrika Bambaataa’s birthday of all days. Khalil Amani should have truly investigated his so-called sources and he would have found it to be a completely untrue rumor.  Afrika Bambaataa regards women and children as sacred and the essential building blocks of any community.”

We now know that the Zulu Nation’s top brass are a motley crew of liars that would protect Afrika Bambaataa’s pedophile ring at all cost! The following are co-conspirators who allowed Afrika Bambaataa to sexually molest prepubescent and teenage boys through the Zulu Nation—an organization created by Afrika Bambaataa—who’s ulterior motive was to attract young boys for the sexual consumption of Afrika Bambaataa. They defended a pedophile and now they must pay! 

Afrika Bambaataa is a liar and a pedophile and should be brought up on R.I.C.O. Act charges!

Ahmed Henderson is a liar and should be brought up on R.I.C.O. Act charges!

Mickey Bentson is a liar and should be brought up on R.I.C.O. Act charges!

Ernie Paniccioli is a liar and should be brought up on R.I.C.O. Act charges!

Minister El Kamonzi Heru Bey is a liar and should be brought up on R.I.C.O. Act charges!

Khalil Amani is gay hip-hop's "Straight Advocate." He writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, The Biography Channel. Author of six books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani.

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