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Hassan’s Pro-Cointelpro Protest: Peace is a Coward?

 Hassan’s Pro-Cointelpro Protest: Peace is a Coward?

By Khalil Amani

Hassan “Poppy” Campbell seems to think that real protest comes through violence—and fisticuffs—and physical confrontation. Giving backhand props to protesters first, Hassan lights into the notion that non-violent protest and protest slogans are a waste of time. Straightway, Hassan attacks the sanctity of a very popular America protest theme, “No Justice, No Peace!” with a YouTube video entitled, "No Justice, No Peace? Prove It Cowards." In that slogan he finds weakness and cowardice, because, according to him, “The opposite of peace is war”—and so, the slogan is empty and without merit. Hassan says we should change the slogan since we who protest aren’t willing to actually “go to war." From there, Hassan wants us to know that “no one respects a coward”—his admonishment to physically fight.

On, “No Justice, No Peace!” Hassan says, “I can peacefully sleep with you protesting outside my house… ‘cause don’t nobody respect a picket sign. You stand in front of me with a picket sign, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m-a go get some darts and I’m-a throw it at your picket sign and laugh at you. You’re funny. Your marching is entertaining. When you sittin’ up there sayin’, ‘No Justice No Peace,’ you need to change the slogan or you need to live up to what you’re sayin’!”

By innuendo, suggestion, implication, intimation and extrapolation—Hassan believes that peaceful protest is a waste of time. Hassan believes that the slogan, “No Justice, No Peace” are idle words with no backbone—the words of cowards. Hassan is advocating riots, civil unrest, civil disobedience, violence, terrorism, anarchy and the overthrowing of civil jurisprudence. All of this can be deduced from his words! Hassan’s words are the words of a rebel rouser—a demagogue—an Agent Provocateur. As a former FBI informant, I can tell you with a certainty that Hassan’s words are incendiary, combustible and volatile. These are the words of a shit-starter! What Hassan calls, “Keeping it funky” is the lighter-fluid of civil disobedience! In Hassan’s warped mind, “Peace” is the weak emotion of the senses and thus, he has invited us to start a war—a physical war where mass casualty are a most certain outcome. Hassan echoes the Agent Provocateur-ing of Cointelpro (Counterintelligence Program of the FBI) of the 60’s and 70’s. Hassan does not see “peaceful protest” as a viable option, but I submit to you that it was President Ronald Reagan who said, “Peace is not the absence of conflict. It is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means!”

Hassan goes on to say that America is supposed to be a “Christian country” and we should follow the ancient, archaic, antiquated and outdated Biblical texts wherein those barbarous and freebooting people believed in an “Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” Out of sheer ignorance and the need to see violence go down in the streets of America, Hassan stupidly and without any formal religious schooling tries to leapfrog ancient Jewish/Hebrew scriptures unto a religion (Christianity) that does not use the Old Testament Bible as a moral pretext for human interaction, but rather uses the New Testament’s admonishment to “Turn the Other Cheek”—a more noble and worthy and heavenly way to rise above the fray of human assholeness.

The biggest protest movements in history have been peaceful and nonviolent movements!

Hassan has never heard of “Satyagraha”—the policy of political resistance, as preached by India’s Mahatma Gandhi. “Satyagraha” means “Spiritual Truth Force.” It is a form of nonviolence or civil resistance. Satyagraha was used by Gandhi to help Indians gain independence in India and South Africa.

It was this same “Satyagraha” that was reinvented and reinterpreted by Martin Luther King Jr. in the Civil Rights Movement—the same “movement” that a lot of you my-struggle-is-greater-than-your-struggle so-called “Conscious Community” Negroes like to harass and harangue LGBT folk for—claiming that the Gay Rights Movement piggybacked off the Civil Rights Movement without mentioning that the Civil Rights Movement of nonviolence piggybacked off the nonviolent movement of Gandhi’s “Satyagraha” Movement. See how this struggle for liberation and equality works? Everybody piggybacks off those things that have worked in the past! “The Gays stole our Civil Rights Movement!” Shut the fuck up with all that bullshit! "The Blacks stole their Civil Rights Movement from Gandhi and the Indians!” And let's not forget that it was a (black) gay man, Bayard Rustin who was the brains behind the "March on Washington" in 1963! How ‘bout dat? 

Your Struggle is NOT an island! Your Movement is NOT an island! 

Peaceful Protest has stood the test of time, regardless of the violent diatribe that Hassan spews on YouTube!

In 1839, Englishman Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote a play entitled “Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy” where he coined the phrase, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” No truer words have ever been spoken! Why is “The pen mightier than the sword?” Well, just think about it! A sword is an instrument of death—used to slay your foe on the battlefield. The piercing or slicing of a sword’s blade may cut asunder (as the Bible suggests), but once its target has been slain, there is no more to say. That man “Lived by the sword and died by the sword” (again, thus sayeth the Bible).

The pen is synonymous with the written word, writing, grammar, literature, history, putting one’s thoughts on paper for posterity (future generations) and vanquishing a foe for all written history! "The pen is mightier than the sword" because of its long-lasting effect on a person, place or thing and its far-reaching truths that will endure for eons. Once it’s written down—it stands as a witness to the misdeeds of the miscreants and the greatness of the griots.

Throughout history, the pen (i.e. the written and/or spoken word) has always prevailed as the victor. From Jesus, who was murdered for the WORDS he spoke, which were eventually written down and have stood the test of time—to Martin Luther (the white monk who lived from 1483 to 1546); who lived in the time of the invention of the Gutenberg printing press and was able to convince the laity (common folk) that they could read the Bible for themselves and “reform” the Catholic Church, thus kicking off the Protestant Reformation—by words, not physical “Hassanian" rebellion—to Abraham Lincoln who began the process of civilizing a nation by penning the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment and in the process, catching a bullet to the dome—to (again!) Mahatma Gandhi, whose non-violent philosophy of “Satyagraha” got him murked, yet it freed a nation and was rebirthed in Martin Luther King Jr’s. Civil Right’s Movement—and again, the messenger—murdered, yet the WORDS which he penned freed a people from second-class citizenry—all the way down to the words of President Obama and his outspokenness on gay marriage, which has set in motion the wheels of a more freer, civilized and constitutional republic. “The pen is truly mightier than the sword!”

“No Justice, No Peace!” is a revolutionary and quite apropos slogan that fits the times in which we live. It is the words that matter! We don’t have to go out and start physically accosting the enemy as Hassan would have it! We just have to speak truth to power and make changes—even if it be baby steps.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again! Hassan “Poppy” Campbell’s rhetoric on black progress and dealing with our “shit-uation” should be spied with a mean “side-eye!” Why are black people even listening to this non-black person tell us about our protest and freedom? With the simplicity of a child, Hassan tells us to watch movies—Spartacus—and learn about protest and freedom. Smh. Tha fuck?

Hassan may not be on the FBI’s payroll, but he is doing the bidding of those that would advocate inciting riots and extremist subversive actions against the government by shitting on the “No Justice, No Peace!” slogan. Furthermore, Hassan’s playing with our innate male sensibilities by calling us “cowards” is just his kindergarten “Baddest-Man-Hit-My-Hand” tactic to get the fighting started. The irony of Hassan calling black people “cowards” is that his whole life has been one cowardly act—from joining the Zulu sex cult gang instead of standing on his own two feet as an autonomous Latino whose circumstance in life dropped him off around the worst of Black Americana—to making the “choice” to “allow” Afrika Bambaataa to do his thighs dirty molest him as a teenager and not go tell an adult figure what was going on—to being punked to take down a video that he clearly wanted to world to know about—a cowardly act! Not to mention the cowardly acts of saying he believes in “Domestic Violence.” A man should damn near never hit a woman! That’s some cowardly shit! Hassan has cowardly suggested slapping Sa Neter’s wife, digging up Israel Doctrine’s mother’s grave and raping and sodomizing Kev Gillz’s children—instead of dealing with the adults in which his displeasure really lies.

Hassan brings this criticism upon himself when he calls black people “cowards”—when he calls the slaves—our African foreparents “cowards.” We look at the cowardly life in which he's lived and are repulsed by his name-calling. Just like you can’t teach a child by name-calling, similarly, you can’t uplift a people by calling them “cowards”—simply because they don’t will themselves to freedom the way you see fit!

If Hassan had the intestinal fortitude of a child “Shaka Zulu” his molestation would’ve been a one-and-done! Everybody’s a coward except him! He would love to see me—or Kev Gillz—or Israel Doctrine—or Young Pharaoh in a street fight—but when a real, bona fide, street-dude like Born Divine God Allah calls him out for a fade—fisticuffs—a fair one—a street fight, look at Hassan’s lukewarm response. Born Divine God Allah lives less than 50 miles from Hassan, but his energy ain’t quite the same! He doesn’t want no smoke with this bully of bullies—the King of New Jersey! Hassan’s energy got sapped!

Hassan loves to show off his pitbulls and his fish. Not once, since he’s been on YouTube has he shown us a book or a bookshelf, but he fancies himself a teacher when he says, “I’m just keeping it funky!” Every time I tune in I think to myself, “There he go again mama!” His subscribers love it so! In Hassan's world, peace is a coward and peaceful protest is cowardly. We who are aware know that Hassan is operating and speaking the words of an Agent Provocateur, even if he's not on them people's payroll. Watch him!

Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult"(2010) and The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013). Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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