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“Top 10 Fat Chicks I’d Bang… If They Let Me!”

“Top 10 Fat Chicks I’d Bang… If They Let Me!”

By Khalil Amani

Some might want me to use the words “plus-size” or “pleasingly plump” or “big girl” or “full figured” to be politically correct, but I’m not on those phat euphemisms. Let’s keep it real! Fat chicks rock! Guys sometimes be dissing a fat woman openly because they think they have an image to uphold to the fellas, yet, in the midnight hour they will slide right on over to a fat girl’s house for some of the best sex evaaar! (And a turkey & cheese sandwich with some red Kool-Aid) Some guys get it twisted! Fat does not equate to ugly! Thus, I’d rather screw a fat pretty girl over a fine ugly girl, but that’s just me.


There’s no question in my mind that if I were very wealthy (like Playboy’s Hugh Hefner) I’d have a few pretty-ass fat girls in my stable, because I know the value and worth of a piece of fat poonanny. Have you ever known a fat woman that couldn’t burn (cook) in the kitchen? Not I! I’d tell my fat girlfriends that they better not lose one iota of adipose (fat)—not nary tissue!


For a lot of dudes, especially these 20-something-physically-fit-walking-pieces-of-protoplasm; a woman has to be in shape. Her body-fat must be little to none. I used to be on that too, but somewhere around a man’s mid-thirties—somewhere around that age when his body starts to sag and the love-handles appear—he recognizes that he can’t be as picky and choosy as he once was. Some might think that it’s “lowering one’s standards,” but I’d rather think of it as “broadening one’s horizons” and “expanding one’s world-view” (no puns intended).


I’ve boinked a lot of women in my day—from the hoodrat all the way up to the model and along the way, I’ve sexed every body-type imaginable—from the skinny waif to the pleasingly-plump to the downright fat, but I’d have to say that at least two fat chicks were in my top five lays of all-time.


The point being that it isn’t always about the physical aesthetics.


There’s just something about rolling over (and over and over) on seemingly endless mounds of flesh. The other thing about fat chicks are that they aren’t all bottomless pits like some of these skinny chicks. They can make an average size man feel very well-endowed! (Not that I'm average size, but I've talked to guys that are!) They are tight and shallow. This is where the fat chick can one-up the skinny chick. She has meat and when she’s on top of you, you know she’s on top of you, which brings me to my “Top 10 Fat Chicks I’d Bang” list of famous felines that can get it from Khalil Amani. Drumroll please!


#10. Gabourney Sidibe

Fame has brought her to my attention. She’s not someone that I would take a second look at. I don’t think she’s pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but I must admit! Watching her on the TV show, "Empire"--she's grown on me. Her portrayal of “Precious” doesn’t help her either, but if I were, say, at an industry party and we were getting shit-faced drunk and chatting it up and the night was coming to an end, I might think about giving her the Baloney-Pony. So! If you see me on the Red Carpet as her date, it’s a safe bet that that’s what happened and while you might be hatin’ on a nigga for being with this aesthetically-challenged, overweight-lover—I’ll be sipping on “champagne wishes and caviar dreams,” while you’re sitting at home eating Top Ramen.  More and more, Gabby is looking like a party-pack of chocolate Hostess Twinkies, begging to be eaten! 


#9. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley was one fine mofo back-in-da-day. Her weight fluctuates from year to year, depending on how much of that Jenny Craig shit she ingests. But I like the thicka-than-a-snicka big-body she sports between life-changing events. Dress her up and she is one tall drink of water! She’s like a white-black girl with all that height and attitude. You already know what I wanna do to her—I’ll beat da pussy up, up, up, up!


#8. Sherri Shepherd

You know this chick from “Dancing with the Stars” and “The View.”This comedienne gets the number eight spot because Khalil likes funny chicks with bubbly personalities. Like some fat girls, she doesn’t look like she can really ride a dick and might be a complainer if I go too deep, but for Sherri, I’d back off if she makes me laugh during sex.


#7. America Ferrera

Khalil loves those sexy Latinas (living in Miami and all…). None is sexier than “Ugly Betty’s” America Ferrera! Yeah, yeah, she’s slimmed down tremendously, but take her off her regimen of white folk food and she’ll revert back to her fat/phat self. America is your classic fat beauty and when you have the fame and the money—the beauty is enhanced and the fat is lessened. Sex with Ugly Betty would be great! Those fat Honduran hips and lips will wreak havoc on my jimmy! And after I give her my leche (milk), she’ll gladly hook us up some frijoles negros (Black Beans & Rice)!


#6. Queen Latifah

Before you say it I already know!  But being a rap fan and all, Khalil has to have a hip-hop fat girl on the list (No way, no how could I see myself sexing Missy Elliot! Well, maybe.) Queen Latifah and I would be soooooo compatible! She likes chicks and I like chicks! Rarely would we have sex, because we’d always be in the club pulling girls to bring back to the crib to hunch. If by chance we did screw, it would be on some reminiscing about the girl we just banged. She’s gone now, so what-the-hey! Take off them bubble-gum drawhs and let’s do the nasty my Queen! I might even do a little role reversal and let her choke me out and call me her bitch while tossing my salad (eating my ass)! But don't worry! Khalil will get his manhood back by flipping her over and making her remember that she's still a woman under all that manliness! Hell! Khalil might even be "conversion therapy" for this in the closet lesbo!  


#5. Adele

British soul singer, Adele is a fat-mama I’d love to bang! But before we fuck she’s gotta sing her greatest hits and then whisper sweet-nothings in my ear with that British accent. Adele proves that sexy is as sexy does. It ain’t always about the waistline. Like really, when you’ve got a voice as soulful as her's, who really gives a shit about a few extra pounds? If I were Adele’s boy-toy I’d tell her to pack it on and eff the haters! She must have a white boyfriend because she’s on that skinny ish. But I know the real Adele! She’s a fatty with a phatty! Yes! Khalil would make her sing "Hello" in perfect pitch, as I sweetly and gently give her a thrusting.


#4. Jennifer Hudson

Watch-Watchers got J-Hud all fine and shit! Hell naw! Give me that “Dream Girls” Jennifer—the chick with the underarm cellulite—the fat-faced cutie from American Idol! Real men want real women with real curves! I can appreciate her sleek physique, but we know the real woman behind the diet. She’s a fat girl who can sing and act her ass off! That’s the chick I wanna bang—the fat girl who’ll complain because I have mad-stamina between the sheets and the room is too hot after an hour of bumpin’ uglies—the fat chick who doesn’t know the difference between period-panties and Victoria Secretions—you know her! She’s country as fuck! J-Hud just wants to be loved. She went and married that buffed-up wrestling Negro, because she knows that once she gets tired of eating that Weight-Watchers crap she’ll need a man strong enough to pick her butt up. I might not be able to pick her up, but I sure as hell can roll her over!


#3. Jill Scott

Jill Scott is rare! She’s the only chick that makes my list twice (See Top 10 Hawt Chicks I’d Bang…If they let me). She was on my finest list and she’s on my fat list, which makes her double fuckable. I’m an equal opportunity lover. By the time you reach my age, you see things differently. Jill Scott stole my heart in Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?” Ms. Scott has a very pretty face, luscious lips, eyes that capture your soul and “breasteses” that make a man wanna suckle like a newborn babe. I love it when a big ol’ chick like Jill mounts me and I can feel the full thrust of her weight coming down on me like a jackhammer. Jill needs to be made love to first and then banged until the sun comes up! When I finish sexing Jill Scott, I’ll wake up to a grits & eggs and pancakes & sausage breakfast for my fine work the previous night. Fat girls rock in bed! How do I know? One of my top five lovers was a fat girl! That’s how I know!


#2. Oprah Winfrey

When you’re worth a billion dollars you look good to me! Steadman must be gay or has bad business acumen. Marrying Oprah is a business move of megalithic proportions! Y’all can have the skinny Oprah!

Fat Oprah looks healthier to me. I don’t really know what her fuck boudoir-game is like. She looks like she’d be quite boring and so unimaginative in the sack, but thinking about her billion dollars would keep my pecker erect and my tongue wet. When Oprah says, “Eat it!”—I’ll eat it! When Oprah says, “Cum!”—I’ll cum!  It will always be about Oprah until I steal her heart and get that ring on my finger and then I’ll flip-da-script by bringing home a Latina hottie half her age and tell her I hired a cleaning lady. Surely, I’ll, “have my cake and eat it too.” And if me and the cleaning lady get caught doing the nasty, I’ll scream (In my Eddie Murphy Delirious African voice)---“Half! I want half your shit Oprah!” She will retort, "Khalil! Why you done me like this? I'm a billionaire!" And then I'll hit her with my Rihanna-savageness-- "Don't get it twisted/You was just another nigga on the hit list/Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch/Didn't they tell you that I was a savage/Fuck your white horse and a carriage!" Now give me my money Oprah!

#1. Mrs. Santa Claus

Yes! I wanna bang Mrs. Santa Claus! This will be some freaky-Pornhub-Bang-My-Stepmother-type sex! She’s gonna indulge my Oedipus Complex and feed me hot chocolate and cookies after I nut. While Santa is delivering toys to good boys and girls around the world, I’ll be using my toy on Mrs. Santa—giving her what she’s been missing from Ol’ Saint Nick the Non-Dick. I’ll be happy to be one of Santa’s little helpers by helping his wife with her dick problem. And I’ll play and play and play with that ponnanny so much that Santa will wonder why I never play with the toys those elves made. Why play with Barbie when I can play with your wife?


So guys, get over yourselves and get you a fat girl! You'll be pleasantly surprised! Fat chicks rock!

Khalil Amani writes for DJ Kayslay's Orginators & Straight Stuntin Magazine. Also for Maybach Magazine & Sext. Follow on Facebook & Twitter @khalilamani.

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