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Twitter: When Famous People Follow Not-So-Famous People (Like Me!)

Twitter: When Famous People Follow Not-So-Famous People (Like Me!)

I like Twitter! You can stay current with your favorite celebrity’s whereabouts, thoughts, likes, dislikes and feelings on events as they happen. Some of these celebs have as many as 3,000,000 followers (Oprah). What’s the chance of a famous person with this many followers answering your tweet? Retweeting a cyber-nobody? Slim and none!

But surprisingly, I have a few famous people that follow me! Can ya believe dat? Who follows Khalil Amani on Twitter that you might know? Of course internationally-known hip-hop icon DJ Kayslay follows me. But did you know comedienne Sheryl Underwood follows me? How about video vixens Lia Cha and Cubana Lust? Hip-hop icon Kool DJ Red Alert and hip-hop activist/radio personality Davey D follows me! 50 Cent nemesis Ja Rule follows me as does video vixen Somaya Reece and southern rapper Kia Shine G.L.A.A.D.’s Odeisel has taken some interest in me, but there’s one rapper that follows me—who has close to two million followers—old school rapper MC Hammer! And I’m one of 35,000 people whom he follows. Interesting.

And I’ve received tweets from all of them! I think that’s pretty cool for a lil ol’ nobody like me, don’t cha think?

I wonder what someone like Hammer sees in me that's worth following—a cyber nobody! He has to know that I blog about all this gay shit! Perhaps I’m his secret dose of hip-hop sanity and inclusiveness? I don’t know, but I’m glad he thinks I’m worthy to be followed.

And honestly, I’m not a big Twitter tweeter. I check my account daily, but don’t spend a lot of time tweeting about my every move, like I see many people do—I’m about to take a shit—my mama just yelled at me—I’m hungry—blah, blah, blah.

Get a “real” life tweeple!

What I mostly wonder about is how do people find me? Like daily, I’ll get an email that somebody is following me. I’m thinking, “How did they find me and why do they wanna follow me?” Most of the people that I follow, I either A., know them on some level or B., they’re famous. With “Cyber Nobodies,” I usually check out their profile and may or may not follow them, depending on what I'm feeling. I’m honored that they wanna be in my life on some level, but miffed as to why.

Anywhoo, now all I need to do is get Oprah and Jay-Z to follow me! Then, this NOBODY will really be SOMEBODY!

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Comment by Down Low on February 23, 2010 at 1:27am
Remember fam....Nobody and Somebody are in the eye of the beholder. You somebody!

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