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Wack 100: Anti-Suge or Boss Bully?

By Khalil Amani

I got beef with Wack 100! When I see him again it’s gonna be on-and-poppin’! I’m gonna walk up to him like I did at the last DJ Kay Slay party and ask him for a picture! If he slights me I’m gonna do exactly what I did the last time he blew me off—go sit my bitch-ass down somewhere and pout! (Why he wouldn't take a picture with me is anyone’s guess.) Yo! Wack! We’re on the same team—Straight Stuntin Magazine baby! Anyhow…

Wack 100 aka Cash Jones appears to be Hip-hop’s newest fade (beatdown) giver. A powerfully built short fellow standing a mere 5’7” on a rainy day. This guy got niggas bacdafuccupp-ing! Wack is The Game’s manager & muscle. He also manages Ray J and is CEO West coast for DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine. You might have spied him on Love & Hip Hollywood.

Don't get it twisted, you Internet trolls! Wack 100 ain't riding The Game's coattails. Wack beez doin' deals and making shit happen behind the scenes. Dude brokers deals! Wack been getting money going back to those Suge Knight heydays. If you check the record you'll see that Wack and The Game weren't always cool, but because of street politics, real recognize real and the two became forged and sharpened as steel sharpens steel. This dude lives in a big house, drives the flyest whips, has a beautiful wife, yet this guy is quintessential Lil Wayne when he raps, "Real G's move in silence like lasagna." (You do know that the "G" in the word "Lasagna" is silent?) And by the way, Wack 100 is only 39 years old (for you Internet trolls who love to highlight a nigga's age!) and don' done more than the average Negro will ever do in these streets and in this industry. (*Old? I gots chirr'ren damn near old as Wack! He's a baby to me! Why do young hip-hop heads think us older cats shouldn't participate in hip-hop? I'm 56 years old and still getting my shit off for and Straight Stuntin Magazine! Who's gonna be listening to your voice at 50? Or will you still just be a Internet troll whose time has come and gone? LOL)

Like whoa! Wack 100 was rollin' with Suge Knight back-in-the-day when Suge wasn't feeling The Game, but out of earshot of these Internets, street politics brought Game and Wack together.

Wack is street certified. A member of Los Angeles’s Piru Blood set who did a bid in the pokey (prison) and got his weight up while practicing his knuckle game. As of late, he’s been getting more press than your favorite rapper. I think it all started when he gave Miami white rapper Stitches a straight-up one-hitter-quitter-bully-beatdown. After stalking The Game for hours in the rain, Stitches ran headlong into a Wack 100 overhand right that sent him to Queer Street. This little dude is about that life! Peep the video of Wack 100 knocking out Stitches! Wow! That guy can punch! Fucking scary-ass cops! Why they had to taser Wack though? I swear white men are in "fear of a black planet!"

Somehow Wack’s been thrown into the Meek Mill/Game beef. The way I understand it (and I could be wrong!) is that he and Maino had a gentlemanly phone conversation about the Meek shit-uation and then The Game filmed a Meek diss video in Brooklyn. Maino went on to post an IG pic of him and his mans chilling on Gates & Nostrand (Brooklyn) with the hashtag #NotHere. Wack 100 catching feelings and “feeling some type of way” felt that Maino had disrespected Game’s camp—as though Maino had shut down The Game from filming in his hood. Straightway, Wack called out Maino, questioning his gangster and challenging Maino to go fisticuffs—catch this fade. After Maino explained that Wack got it twisted and Wack still didn’t wanna back down from the fade, Maino quickly responded, “You can get your fade, Caesar, flat top or baldy!” Oh damn!

Maino's IG pic #NotHere (In other words, Game you can't come here with the Meek diss video!)

Now if you know like I know, Maino ain’t pussy! He had niggas spooked with his "Hand of God" beatdowns! Maino's street-cred is without blemish, having beat up the likes of Lil Ceese, his goons beating up Bunky SA, checking Trinidad James, bitch-slapping Yung Berg, pistol-whipping a would-be robber with his own gun and many more street tales of a goon gone wild. Maino wears the scar of street fuckery proudly across his face.

The problem for Maino is that why was his mans, Uncle Murda out in Brooklyn cosigning The Game beef by appearing in Game's video? Maino says that he's the "King Of Brooklyn." Whether on Gates & Nostrand or not, The Game was in Brooklyn filming with his righthand man Uncle Murda! Perhaps Maino is not the king of Brooklyn, but rather the king of Gates & Nostrand? Does Maino even live in Brooklyn anymore or did he fly/drive in to take a contrived photo-op to put his two-cents into the beef mix? This appears to be what got Wack's panties in a bunch (and rightly so).

So what do we make of this West coast gangsta, Wack 100 coming at arguably the realest street rapper in the game? Dare I say that Maino would’ve made the likes of Tupac sit his ass down somewhere if shit got real? And here is Wack giving him the business. Is Wack 100 the “Anti-Suge Knight”—someone who is becoming revered & feared for all the right reasons, unlike Suge Knight or is he a boss bully—a dude who doesn’t take no shit and means what he says and says what he means?

The Internet has been associating Wack’s name with Suge Knight, but there is a distinct difference in street approaches. Suge Knight always seemed to be the aggressor—a bully of the Debo variety and people like me were none too happy when we saw the “Barbershop Guy” knock him the fuck out! It was like Christmas in July! I’ve never respected Suge’s gangsta! Seemed to me that he always had niggas puttin’ in work for him. It would be two (2) lil niggas that would pull his hoe-card—a dude in Miami who shot the shit out of him and the Barbershop dude who beat that nigga over the head with a lead pipe where he got a 1st class ticket to TMZ!

Wack 100, as it stands is the “Anti-Suge”—a dude who reps for his team and will fight anyone who disrespects his team. (Just ask Stitches!) He is not of the bully variety like Suge Knight. Wack honors the phantom “street code” and believes violators must be dealt with. In the case of Maino, Wack aims to mete out justice, but this might be justice gone awry. I hope that these guys can talk peacefully, because nothing good can and will come from a fight. Too much is at stake if they ever were to square up. The loser will seek retribution of a higher form. Lives might get lost. In my opinion, both are worthy combatants, both are street savvy, and both have a knuckle-game. Too many people have lost their lives on a bullshit tip—and this little misunderstanding should be filed as a bullshit tip! Like really, don't they have chirr’ren and families to raise?

As for me and Wack 100? I'm still butt-hurt over you not giving me that photo op, but hopefully, one day, I'll get that pic. See ya at the next Kay Slay party! 

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