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Wack100 Was Gonna Kick My Arse!

By Khalil Amani

Man oh man! They’re saying that Wack100—manager for rapper The Game—R&B singer Ray J—rapper Blue Face—and west coast C.E.O. of Straight Stuntin Magazine—they’re saying that he got into a fight with Mike Tyson on Tyson’s Podcast! There’s even leaked audio of Wack100 describing the build-up to the throw-down! He says, “Mike still got them hands”—an admission that he actually fought Mike Tyson! On Instagram, Wack wrote, "Just know this Wack wasn’t giving up shit and Mike still quick with his hands." !t looks like my nigga, Wack100 caught those hands—meaning that Mike Tyson got the best of him. Adding to this assumption is that Wack100 posted a video clip on his Instagram channel showing us some pain pills—Tramadol to be exact. Indeed, Tramadol is a narcotic for pain relief. i used to take it for my back until I found the beauty and wonderment of Vicodin! It looks as though Mike Tyson’s hands left Wack100 aching about the head & shoulders.

What caused the skirmish? The fight supposedly ensued after Mike Tyson asked Wack100 about all the stuff he’s been saying about deceased rapper, Tupac Shakur. Many think that Wack100 has been very disrespectful towards the deceased rapper. In times past, Wack100 has had real beef with the likes of Maino, Treach from Naughty By Nature and several West Coast rappers over Tupac. Shit got real one night when Wack100 went on a rant on Instagram, while zooming through the streets of Los Angeles, looking for Treach, who was in L.A.—allegedly looking to fade (fight) Wack100. It was an epic rant of Hassanian proportions where Wack100 dissed Treach’s mother to make him want to fight.

I remember waiting with baited-breath half the night—eyes glued to Wack100’s IG page for an update. Did he fight Treach? The next day went by without so much as a peep from Wack’s Instagram page, which was quite peculiar, because Wack100 has a heavy Instagram presence. The word on the street was that someone from rap collective, Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. had took the fade for Treach and had knocked Wack100 out cold. Was there footage? None that ever came out, but being the “Inspector Clouseau” (That’s a Pink Panther reference for you young’uns) that I am—I texted DJ Kay Slay, who would definitely know if the rumor of Wack100 getting knocked out was true; for Kay Slay & Wack100 were thick as thieves during this time. I had seen Wack100 in New York at DJ Kay Slay’s birthday bash and in the Sirius Satellite station on air with Kay Slay. Yes! Kay Slay would know if the rumor of Wack getting K.O.-ed was true.

After a few back and forth text messages from DJ Kay Slay where he told me that the rumor was not true, my phone rang. It was the one and only—DJ Kay Slay calling this ol’ Negro, Khalil Amani, who was sitting on his couch in middle America, trying to extract a big-ass booger from my nose while scratching my low-hanging balls though my boxer drawhs. (Not really, but it makes for colorful writing and great visuals!) But yes! DJ Kay Slay called me the evening after Wack100 went M.I.A.—Missing in Action on Instagram. He said, “Yo Khalil! Hold on!” And then he did a three-way and put Wack100 on the phone with me! Slay said, “Yo Wack! This Khalil—my writer on the phone. He says they sayin’ you got knocked out last night.” And then Wack100 chimed in to answer me. “What’s good homie? Nah! Ain’t nobody knock me out last night! I was riding around the hood with Big U half the night lookin’ fo’ dat fool! Nah! Ain’t nobody knock Wack out.”

After that, we said our good-byes and hung up the phone, but I remember seeing Wack100 after our phone conversation on instagram—and his left eye looked a little swollen shut—and many people in the comment section, like me, noted that one of his eyes looked fucked-up—punched in the eye fucked up. Is this why we didn’t see Wack100 the next day after talking mad shit to Treach on IG? Was he icing that eye before he made a public appearance? Even though I had heard the conviction in his voice over the phone—my “spidey sense” and my ocular perspective told me that indeed, somebody had punched Wack100 dead in his eyeball! Most everyone watching him talk on IG commented on his left eye. That shit looked suspicious and suspect as hell, I’m telling you! His left eye was drooping! But hey! I’m probably the only blogger that he gave an exclusive three minute interview to—which I never put out, so I'm gonna have to believe that he told me the truth; that he didn't get knocked out.

Many people are super-elated hearing that Wack100 supposedly got those paws put on him by Mike Tyson—because, admittedly, dude is super disrespectful towards Tupac. I understand what Wack100 is trying to say about Tupac not being a “gangster”—in the strictest L.A. gang member sense, but his language is all fucked-up. And so, supposedly, by Wack100’s own admission—the great, legendary boxer, Mike Tyson chin-checked that ass over Tupac! Hopefully, the world will get the footage shortly and many hip-hop heads can relish in some satisfaction that someone shut Wack100’s big mouf.

Enter this fuck-nigga, the Arkansas YouTuber.

There he go again—digging up old conversation on Khalil Amani. Today, May 28, 2019—he dug up some audio of me getting at California YouTuber Kev Gillz where I invoked Wack100’s name. I told Kev Gillz that I have Cali connections and called Wack100’s name—“On Piru!” I said. My two most recent vlogs has this nigga, the Arkansas YouTuber “diggin’ in da crates”—trying to find some dirt.

Anywhoo…Izzy read one of my blogs, entitled, “Wack100: Anti-Suge or Boss Bully?” and had a field-day laughing at me for writing, “I got beef with Wack 100! When I see him again it’s gonna be on-and-poppin’! I’m gonna walk up to him like I did at the last DJ Kay Slay party and ask him for a picture! If he slights me I’m gonna do exactly what I did the last time he blew me off—go sit my bitch-ass down somewhere and pout! (Why he wouldn't take a picture with me is anyone’s guess.) Yo! Wack! We’re on the same team—Straight Stuntin Magazine baby! Anyhow…”

This was some light-hearted satirical writing that Izzy just had to make fun of and pick apart. This guy has no sense of humor!

Izzy honed in on me saying that Wack100 “blew me off.” Only a man like the Arkansas YouTuber —a man with latent homosexual proclivities would read something sexual in the phrase “blew me off.” A psychologist like Sigmund Freud would suggest that anyone reading “oral copulation/oral sex/blow job” into a very common American jargonistic phrase—that’s old as dust—“blew me off”—Freud would say that you have some latent homosexuality brewing in the “Pleasure Principle” area of your brain. “Blow job”—or “Blow me”—and “Blew me off” are entirely different things, but a latent homosexual like YouTuber Israel Doctrine sees a sexual connotation in a phrase that he should be used to hearing—because everybody he’s ever known “blew him off”—thus, this accounts for the two votes he got running for the mayor of his shit-hole. Yes! Wack100 “blew me off” when I asked for a picture once upon a time—or, as the Arkansas YouTuber stated—Wack100, “Heisman Trophyed” my ass. Ha-ha, he-he!

This shit is so juvenile, but since Izzy finds some homoeroticism in the phrase, "Blew Him off" I thought I'd Google it. Maybe I'm missing something! Maybe Izzy is right! Maybe "Blew him Off" does carry a sexual connotation. Maybe? Fuck no! Look! 

So Google just made a damned fool out of Izzy! Stupid fuck! 

Izzy told his YouTube listeners that Wack100 did not take a picture with me because DJ Kay Slay told him that I was an informant. Is that true? Izzy seems to know everything about my life. Well is it true Khalil? Fuck no! It’s just some more of Izzy trying to figure out “What Happened To That Picture?” Some more false summation ish that he regularly pulls out of his poo-matted anus hairs.

But here’s what the Arkansas YouTuber doesn’t know. My blog on Wack100 in 2016 was actually published at“The World’s Most Dangerous Site!”

Furthermore, Wack100 actually read my blog on him and reached out to me—even letting me know that he was gonna kick my arse (butt) over the title and then read the blog and was cool and then telling me that when he “blew me off”—it was unintentional. Wack100, after reading my blog cosigned the shit out of it and even tried to get Worldstar to hire me! And then he #hashtaged my blog with #OneHellOfAJob! See how Izzy just tries to fuck up a narrative that he knows ZERO about! Over there telling people that Wack100 shunned me for being a government informant! Lying bastard! 

Izzy isn’t the only one with an “archives!” I have an archives as well and here's the actual correspondence between Wack100 and I. Watch me ether everything Izzy said about me and Wack100. Everything is a conspiracy nigga! Wack100 not posing for a picture was not some purposeful thing, because Khalil Amani was an ex-government informant. DJ Kay Slay didn't stop doing Straight Stuntin Magazine just to get an informant off his payroll! If Kay Slay didn't want Khalil Amani on his team, why would he have to destroy the whole Straight Stuntin Magazine brand just to get rid of me? I swear fo' gawd, Izzy's logic is as warped as the nepotistic & criminal brother, husband, wife mayors of Parkin, Arkansas! 

Check out my receipts on this fuck-nigga Izzy! You tell me if Wack100 wasn't fucking with Khalil Amani!

There you have it! The Arkansas YouTuber must be thinking, “Damn! Damn! Damn that Khalil! He’s everywhere! He talks to everybody! Even Wack100 acknowledges this informant!” I'm gonna tell Izzy like Tupac told 'em, "I get around!"

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