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When “Telling” Becomes “Snitching.”

When “Telling” Becomes “Snitching.”
By Khalil Amani

Hip-hop heads have got the game all fucked up! I was recently listening to gangster rapper 40 Glocc and Zoo Life talk about the “No Snitching” code and T.I.’s commercial for Crime Stoppers. In their narrow-minded worldview, talking to the police (on any level) is snitching. According to 40 Glocc, T.I. putting out a public service announcement for Crime Stoppers violated the phantom “street code” of snitching. T.I. has marketed himself as a “street nigga”—a “trap rapper” (drug dealer turnt rappa), therefore, had no business being part of a Crime Stoppers commercial.

On a common sense level, T.I. did what he needed to do to reduce his time in the federal penitentiary by agreeing to do the commercial. People can say what they want, but when faced with the prospect of many, many years behind bars, most people who are not brainwashed by the bullshit “code of the streets” will do what is necessary to lessen or free themselves of the arduous burden of prison life. (Some call it “Fight or Flight”)

40 Glocc & Company shamelessly argue that talking to the cops is snitching—in all cases! Like that dumb-ass rapper Cam’ron that went on 60 Minutes and said he wouldn’t call the police if he knew a child molester lived next door to him—but would probably just move to a different neighborhood. spineless creep! 40 Glocc says if he knew there was a sexual deviant living in his neighborhood, he wouldn’t tell the police either, but suggested that he’d rid the neighborhood of the local vermin (by killing him himself). (On a personal note, I agree with 40 Glocc about all child molesters and rapists—kill them niggas off the planet!) But, if confronted with the law dealing with them or me taking the law into my own hands, I’ll let the law have the first crack at them and tell the police that there’s a molester living in my ‘hood.

I respect vigilantes like the Guardian Angels or a Charles Bronson-esque character who makes it his mission in life to get rid of the neighborhood scum who terrorize young and old alike. I love the premise of all five of those Death Wish movies! Die motherfucker die!

40 Glocc & Dem’s argument was birthed in their childhood, when their mamas told them to stop telling on other kids—when their mamas would whoop that ass with an extension cord for being a tattle-tale—a child snitch. From those childhood experiences they have reinterpreted “stop being a tattle-tale” to “stop snitching.” Did their mamas intend for their children to grow up and take “stop being a tattle-tale” to these lengths? Hell-to-the-no! Like most children, who, from time to time, get on our “mother’s nerves” by telling on other children for petty infractions on the playground—our mothers would shoo us away and tell us to stop being a tattle-tale. Our mothers said that because we were bothering them about nothing! Not because it was/is wrong to speak up and tell the truth when something bad happens.

This is where 40 Glocc & Goons and many of you hip-hop heads get life fucked up twisted!

If there be something called a “Street Code” then, in a civilized society, there has to be a “Civilian Code.” The “No Snitching” code is a carryover from the Mafia and all of the criminality of those Italian gentlemen. But even as murderous as they were/are, they still distinguish between “civilians” (law-abiding citizens, who were not looked at as “snitches” for reporting crimes to the police) and other crime families (who were fully engaged in criminality). The lines are clearly defined for the Mafioso. Even when killing a rival, the family of the rival is off-limits! A Mafioso’s family is spared the wrath of an enemy. Why? Because, in many cases, the Mafia “Goodfella” who kills another Mafia “Goodfella” has a family. No Mafioso wants to see his folly taken out on his family! No Mafioso wants to come home and find his familia murdered because he murdered someone else’s familia! La Cosa Nostra (Our thing!) has rules and regulations and codes of conduct! There are “rules of engagement” to doing criminality and Mafiosos have a strict hands-off policy when it comes to fucking with civilians (the families of Mafiosos).

Oh, but these Crips and Bloods—these guys have stolen/hijacked borrowed the “No Snitching” policy of the Italian Mafia and bastardized it! There is no honor amongst these thieves! Instead of targeting a specific person for extermination—in their cowardice—they drive through a neighborhood and shoot everything walking—babies, little girls & boys, mamas & grand mamas sitting on the front porch—and with a straight face say they are gangsters, but too afraid to get bloodstained hands by one-on-one, Mano-A-Mano combat with the “enemy”—afraid to leave the cozy confines of a car and walk up on a man and throw up his dukes.

I’ve seen all three Godfather movies and I ain’t neva seen a Mafioso do a drive-by that killed anybody but their intended victim(s)! (with the exception of the bombing of Michael Corleone's car in Sicily, which killed his wife) You’ve stolen their street-code of “No Snitching,” but fail to see the nationalistic sentimentality (love for their own people!) of the Italian Mafia towards the Italian people. Mafiosos love their people—you fuckin’ black moolie! Gang members don’t! Gang members say, “Fuck who’s around when we come through! Errybody gettin’ wet (bloodied up) when we ride through!” That’s the mark of a chicken-shit wannabe gangster who kills indiscriminately.

It is no wonder why gang members and other criminals want to institute a “No Snitching” policy across the board! They are cowards and want immunity from the whole community, not just the criminal community. Snitching is not a civilian reporting a crime! Snitching is when a criminal tells on another criminal! Period point blank! If two dudes are breaking the law and one gets caught—he’s supposed to take the rap and not “snitch” on his partner. If enemies are warring and one enemy kills his enemy—all that are involved should tow-the-line—keep their muthafuckin’ mouths shut and let street justice handle the situation. If he tells? That’s snitching! Don’t allow these fake mofo gangsters to define the role of a civilian who’s trying to protect his family and community from the lawlessness of these coward-ass ignant wannabe fake-ass gangsters!

Gang members say, “Fuck the police!” But without police, a civilized society will become a Third World Whorehouse—a society where rape and murder and child molestation will rule the day and the weak (those without a gang) will be subjected to the strong (those who are part of a gang and have power in numbers). Just check those countries that are without the “Rule of Law.”

For every “Rodney King” or “Amadou Diallo” there are ten black-on-black beatings/murders happening everyday! Where’s the outrage? The black outrage against police brutality is empty rhetoric when we stand mute to self-genocide. Many of us have the attitude that a black person can kill another black person, but a white person or a policeman better not! How silly!

At-the-end-of-the-day, the black community (and all communities for that matter) have a God-given right (it’s call Providence) to protect its self from enemies foreign and within. Civilians are not bound by the bullshit code of the street! If you see a crime in progress—report it! If you’re a criminal who got busted doin’ your street shit—shut the eff up and don’t snitch!

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Comment by Yehudah Clark on January 23, 2010 at 11:51am
Its madness! A few years back, I caught an interview on 60 min of a famous eastcoast rapper. The segment was about snitching in hiphop. In the interview, the rapper was asked if he was shot. He replied yes! Strangely, (for most) when asked if he would've seen the gun man, would he have notified authorities. He replied no, with the decision being based upon hip hop fans concept of "not snitching in yo hood". I can somewhat understand his position here, or if it were something like revenge on my mind and I did not want to deal with the injustices of an American judicial system but thats another subject. So as the interview goes on, he's asked if a serial murderer lived next door to him and he knew folks were dying, would he "tell"? He still said no and mentioned a "code of ethics". lol yeah right. I think niggas everywhere around the hood would have "snitched" on whomever and whatever circumstances that called acts of serial murder. So why is snitching in the hood treated different? Album Sales. Peace!
Comment by mister on January 19, 2010 at 4:32am
If i knew of some one who is fucking with kids then call me a snitch, everything else is your business.
check this video from China this is how they do when it comes to crime. Actually in the small villages in Africa if you get caught steeling the whole village will stone you and i ain't talking about buying you weed and thats all down to their version of Christian values but im not criticizing because some areas round here could do with that shit. Yesterday i was looking around at apartments in West Watford and next to the place i was looking at was roses and stuff strapped to the post outside the door, so i read the notes and only a few nights ago some guy was shot by a bunch of local teenage g's (or wana be g's) if ida seen that shit outside my house i woulda been the first person to give a profile report, i dont want that outside my place, im getting to old for this.

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