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White Niggers: V-Nasty & Dem!

By Khalil Amani

Let’s not beat around the fucking bush obfuscate! Let’s not ride hyperbole’s jockstrap! Let’s steer clear of oratorical masturbation! Let’s keep it real! The average black dude will look at a white dude side-eyed if that white dude is trying to be cool and says, “What up, my nigga?” The brotha’s expression will say, “Really?”—as in SMFH (shaking my fucking head). The average nigga black dude will knock a white dude out for calling him a nigger! We can argue ad nauseam about the use of the word nigga. Some say it’s a “term of endearment.” Others say it should be wiped from our vocabulary, because it represents that “Peculiar Institution” (slavery) and the wretchedness of America’s founding. Argue on!

One thing, we as hip-hop heads can all agree on is that the word “nigga” has been adopted, flipped, converted, manipulated and redefined for a hip-hop generation to mean “black man,” “brotha,” “my dude,” “my homie”—a term of endearment indeed. White America knows this! Hip-hop America knows this and white people who join the hip-hop culture know this! And no sane white rapper is gonna come to the ‘hood and challenge black people’s hypocrisy for using the N-word by using it him/herself! It’s no mystery and any white person that doesn’t know how the N-word rubs black people the wrong way—coming from a white person is being disingenuous and is dealing in Disneyland polemics! Shut the fuck up whitey! Don’t tell me I’m being hypocritical when I say nigga! You just better not say nigga! And you damn sure better not say nigger! That sums up the attitude of the average black person.

There’s a reason why white rappers like 3rd Bass never used the word nigga in rhyme! The Beastie Boys might have been some loony motherfuckers, but sanity was on their side when it came to using the N-word. Although Eminem was raised poor white trailer-park trash, he never used the N-Word on none of his albums. White boy rapper Bubba Sparxxx had a monster hit (“Deliverance”) out a few years ago and a damned good album—free from the use of the word nigga. Country-boy white rapper Hystak doesn’t use the N-word either.

There have been a faux pas (misstep) here and there. I can count them on one hand. Yes! Eminem used the N-word in rhyme when nobody knew him. Sure, Asher Roth slipped “nigger” in one song, which most of us never heard, but as a rule—a white person rhyming or saying the word “nigga” is a no-no! White rappers have been diligent in honoring the code. (Shout-out to Vanilla Ice, House of Pain, Kid Rock, Insane Clown Posse, Paul Wall, MC Snow, Yelawolf, Machine Gun Kelly, Mac Miller and all the unknown white rappers that understand history.)

The unwritten rule was (and still is!) that a white person, however immersed in hip-hop culture—know that using the word “nigga” is unacceptable, incorrect and downright disrespectful to the people (Blacks/Latinos) that founded the culture.

Enter The White Girl Mobb featuring V-Nasty.

V-Nasty, along with her white rapping cohort Kreayshawn make up the group White Girl Mobb. Oh they are on a roll! V-Nasty’s real name is Vanessa (kind of “black” sounding) and “Kreayshawn’s real name is Natassia Gail Zolot, but, of course, that name is not “black” enough—ghetto enough. And “White Girl Mobb” sounds more “Mobb Deepish” than “Melanin-Privileged Chicks.” Watch out Nicki Minaj, Trina and all you wannabe black female rappers! You haven’t lived the life that V-Nasty has lived; neither have you walked in her shoes! I know Foxy Brown, Da Brat, Lil Kim, Remy Ma, Khia and dem were in da pokey (prison)—those privileged black bitches think they have something to rap about! Naw! White Girl Mobb bitches!!!!

(White rapper V-Nasty, notorious for using the N-Word)

V-Nasty says we’re hating on her. She doesn’t have the mental acumen to deconstruct all the criticism coming her way, so she simplifies it with some ghetto cliché’-ness. “Ya’ll just hatin’! Ya’ll just mad ‘cause I’m gettin’ money! Ya’ll just hatin’ ‘cause I made it out the ‘hood!” Can somebody please stick a dick in this bitch’s mouf? (*I normally don’t call women “bitches & hoes” [unless we're on some bedroom freak-type stuff], but I gotta show this hoe how we get “black.” This is the language she apparently overstands.)

Here’s the deallyo… I’m gonna put on my soothsayer’s hat and play “Negrodamus.” These white bitches will be checked—physically in the coming months. You read it here first. And I hope they get all the ‘hood wrath coming to them! I don’t care if Kreayshawn is being cosigned by Canadian-bred rapper Drake! I don’t care if Lil Wayne is rapping on “Gucci Gucci!” I don’t care if Bay-area rapper Mistah Fab is smelling their cum-stained period-panties! I don’t care if that fat-fuck Andy Milonakis from MTV is telling black people to “quit the judgments!” He will be nowhere around when the Hand of God comes crashing down on those white bitches! The ‘hood is not gonna let this shit ride! And all you sucka-ass Negroes that be pullin’ on V-Nasty’s Tampon gonna get it too!

I mean, really, who the fuck is counseling these hoes? Like Haterazzi said, Kreayshawn, you’d better step away from V-Nasty’s ignorance and insolence before you get caught up in the crossfire.

(Kreayshawn, one third of the White Girl Mobb)

I don’t give a damn what happened in Vanessa’s (V-Nasty’s) life! What is she, like 21? Nothing she could come up with warrants the use of the word nigga in her lyrics! This chick has just co-opted the culture and now I hear she’s got a million dollar record deal on the table. Lyrically, she sucks! Aesthetically, she’s a flat-chested string-bean and intellectually, she’s ignorant of the plight of black people—just plain ol’ rock stupid! V-Nasty’s problem is that she’s let a few Oakland/Bay area niggas gas her up. She feels safe and comfortable sayin’ “nigga.” She thinks she can singlehandedly redefine “nigga” for white folk. She’s taking a page out of Lil B’s notebook—“words don’t mean shit!” And I feel Lil B on that, but we aren’t talking about the words “gay” or “faggot,” we’re talking about a word that NIGGAS will fight and die over coming from the wrong person’s lips.

I’m waiting to see who takes sides. I’m watching to see how many of these rappers cosign this heifer! Niggas always got an opinion about gay rappers or someone they suspect as gay in hip-hop. Let’s hear your effin’ “opinion” now! Soft-pedal the culture now! Give us your milquetoast analysis of the “shit-uation!” Try to convince black folk not to beat this bitch up because she’s on your team!

At-the-end-of-the-day, as with many black inventions and accomplishments, white folks seem to find a way to co-opt, assimilate, and steal. We’ve been called niggers and now they are reclaiming THEIR word.

Nothing is more despicable than a white bitch trying to act black hood. V-Nasty is a white nigger of the worst kind—a white nigger that finds comfort in the worst part of black life—a white nigger that wants to glamorize what ‘hood life is. But, in all of V-Nasty’s ‘hoodrat nigger rants, she knows that she can slip out of the nigger clothes and play the melanin game and be as white-bread and lilywhite as June Cleaver. When a real black woman runs up on that ass, we’ll all know just what kind of nigger V-Nasty is. Stay tuned.

Shout-out to I cosign everything you spit concerning hip-hop, this white girl and using the N-word. Go listen to him drop science!

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Comment by mistamaker on August 14, 2011 at 4:22pm
Cool, just glad i can have an open discussion about it, i have been reading about V Nasty and saw her video trying to justify herself and thought it was hilarious, especially as she's down with Dirt Nasty who i actually find pretty funny. At least he's not trying to justify her..... Yeah i take your point dude... keep writing the blogs cos i love your work... peace
Comment by Khalil Amani on August 14, 2011 at 4:17pm

I don't deny that there is a double standard, but the reality is that me writing "THESE WHITE BITCHES" hardly has the sting, the history of racism or sexism... the connotation in which white people using the N-word has. You are right. It's not the best lauguge to use, but I INTENTIONALLY use these words to make a SERIOUS POINT to people (V-Nasty) who are much more familiar with this type of language.


If I call a white person a "cracker" he'll probably just laugh at me. If he calls me a nigger, there's a fight. The difference is that the word "cracker" hardly carries the power and does not have a history of racism and oppression and murder and slavery and second-class citizenship attached to it. So, me saying "white bitches" is more OBSFUCATION than anything else. Thanks for your comment and insight bro.! 

Comment by mistamaker on August 14, 2011 at 4:05pm

P.S Peep this, i think it's right what the black dude says to the white boy...

Comment by mistamaker on August 14, 2011 at 4:04pm

Yo Yo Yo ! Okay, it's been a minuet since i have been on this page and I'm back peeps, i saw this article linked on your Facebook and had to comment. So here goes..... 


To Start with I'm in full agreement that the "n" word even if if does have "ga" on the end and not a "gger" should never come from a white persons lips in public. As a white man myself, when I'm in the security of my own home and I'm listening to whoever i actually do say the word when I'm rapping along because A) there is no one with me that is going to be offended and B) it just sounds dumb censoring yourself when your alone. So where am i in this argument, i fully agree what V_Nasty is doing is fucked up for real. 

Now, my next point is, to balance this out with your article (you being my American friend Khalil Amani) you see, i read your article through actually thought in some of your words yourself come across as racist. Let me quote "These white bitches will be checked—physically in the coming months" You see, if i was to flip that round in a article i wrote and said "These BLACK bitches will be checked—physically in the coming months." you would defiantly call me racist.... Now me pointing this out isn't to try and make you look hypocritical in the least ! the reason I'm pointing this out is there either needs to be a fine line of what people can say or do, or there needs to be no line at all. To anyone reading this who finds a white person saying the "N" word wrong go ask your self "is a white person saying "black bitches racist" if so then surly Khalil saying "white bitches" is too..... 

As a white man in hiphop (and trust me i keep up with all current affairs in hiphop and play to hiphop pirate radio shows a week in London) i can't help but observe some double standards that have become acceptable.

I love all your articles Khalil and in no way is this a dig at you, it's more of a general observation in hiphop.

Im happy to discuss this further and hope i haven't accidentally got my point twisted as I'm not the most articulate person on the planet.... what you think ? 


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