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Without Sula (Me!), there is no Facebook!

Without Sula, there is no Facebook!

By Khalil Amani



Without Sula, there is no Facebook! Without Sula (you!), there is no Facebook!


You may recollect that I’ve made mention to “Sula” in a past writing. Sula is the name of one of Toni Morrison’s books and the character by the same name. What was Sula’s deal? Sula grew up in this small town where nothing exciting ever happened. Those Negroes gossiped about the smallest of things, but mostly about Sula. When she moved away and came back she found that the townspeople were dying and in a grave state of boredom and no-lifeness. The town was literally withering away because there was nothing to do and nothing to talk about. The genius of Sula is that she resurrected the people—brought them back to life, yea, made their dry bones come together by giving them something to talk about—giving them some gossip—acting as the National Inquirer for these backwards assed coons!

Sula became the “very personification of evil for her blatant disregard of social conventions …the community's labeling of Sula as evil actually improves their own lives. Her presence in the community gives them the impetus to live harmoniously with one another” (From Wikipedia). Sula started sleeping around, fucking the neighbor’s husband—just creating an atmosphere of excitement, which gave people’s lives meaning. She was their Raison d'être(French for Reason for Existence).


This is how I view myself. Negroes (and some family) talk shit about Khalil Amani—the ex-cult member, the gay rights dude, the anti-Christian, the devil-worshipper, the old hip-hop head, the so-called “writer,”—unabashedly, they assassinate my character, but love to see what I’m up to! LOL. What’s he blabbing about today? I give a lot of people a reason to get out of bed and fire up their computer. I am “Sula” and I don’t mind playing the symbolic and metaphoric whore of Facebook. There is salvation in Sula!


Many of us’es worst nightmares are having our bizzzznesss put on Facebook. LOL. Like, we are consumed with image. We say we don’t care what the next person thinks about us, but post some negativity (dirt) on someone and watch the Facebook fireworks explode. We are so self-absorbed in protecting our personage. With the aloofness of a pious priest we say, “I don’t discuss my personal business on Facebook.”Meanwhile, we are voyeurs of everybody else’s business.


But it ain’t about being on Facebook! People make social sites! Social sites don’t make people! Facebook is neither the first nor the last big new thing. One day we will be talking about revisiting the ghetto of Facebook just like we talk about Myspace. Khalil Amani uses these sites to get his shit off, whether it be free-thought, connecting with family and friends or speaking out on injustice—from gay rights to Trayvon Martin I’m on Facebook (and other sites) unapologetically. Don’t hate on me because I’ve got something relevant to say! Don’t think I’m addicted to Facebook because it appears I spend hella time posting. I’m a friggin’ writer! I dooz dis in my sleep! I beez in da trap! I blog in my sleep!


But really, some of y’all think that I just beez on Facebook for shits & giggles (and sometimes that’s the case). They forget that I write for a shit-load of Internet sites and that being on these Internetz is my business! For the record, Khalil Amani’s blogs are at,,,, and many other sites that just steal my shit ‘cause I’m so damned controversial and grammatically gifted. All one has to do is Google “Khalil Amani” and I guarantee you’ll get tired of reading about me before you get to the last entry on my crazy ass.


I've had my work/name featured in Spin Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Biography Channel, and been on Sirius Satellite Radio. I've written six (6) books and write for a print magazine (Straight Stuntin)! You damned right I'm on Facebook... and Myspace... and Twitter... and errywhere!

If you’re an artist—a rapper, singer, musician, producer, beat-maker, model, actor, spoken-word artist, intellectual thinker, own a business, preacher, leader of sorts or a writer—your ass should be on Facebook! Facebook is a (free) business tool to help you hock your wares. That is why Khalil Amani is on it!


And if you’re none of these things, but a person who has a life full of family, friends, coworkers and associates—you too should be on Facebook unless you’re one of those introverted fucks that thinks social networking is for kids. To you, I say, go back to the 20th century and make a call on a rotary phone!

I’m back on Facebook and I will not leave you. Love me or leave me, but Khalil Amani is here to stay! Now where do I wanna eat? LOL!

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