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Wiz Khalifa: Bitch-de-fied Weirdo!

By Khalil Amani

This blog, editorial or crappy piece of writing is not for, Straight Stuntin Magazine or any of my hip-hop bosses! I'm on that renegade nigga-shit! I’ll push this rant myself—to Hip-hop Weekly,, Bossip, Nicole Bitchie, and the rest of dem sites. My profanity-laced diatribe against Wiz Khalifa may be gratuitous, but he deserves every curse word I’m gonna give him!

I can’t stand a motherfucker man that beefs with a woman! And, in this case, a man who was married to a woman and had a child together and now he’s so disrespectful towards the mother of his child! I’m talking about Wiz Khalifa—a bitch-ass-nigga that don’ turnt bitch-de-fied! (That's that HIV converting to AIDS type ish he's on.)

Wiz has been taking subtle shots at his ex-wife/baby mama Amber Rose for a minute and now comes a diss record! Oh, the bitch-ass-ness in hip-hop is through the roof! Troy Ave is right! There are a lot of “weirdo” rappers and Wiz Khalifa tops the list of weirdoes! Wiz Khalifa raps, “Man, I fell in love with a stripper. Funny thing is, I fell back out of love quicker. Bottles be turning these girls into thots. Instagram turning these wives into hos. You all about that money, that shit that I throw. Just make sure you clean off that pole.”

I'm just amazed at Wiz & Kanye. At one time, both of them ate Amber's pussy (and, I suspect, her ass too! I would've!). Both of them were balls deep in Amber's twat--RAW DAWGIN' that thang and now both of them are talking that "clean off the pole" and "30 baths" ish! Both you niggas ingested her fluids, so shut the fuck up with that bullshit!

I put this bitch-de-fied nigga Wiz Khalifa in a blog I wrote in 2012 called, "A Blogger: Top 10 Rappers I Think I Can Beat Up!"  He made the list because he is a skinny-ass dude. I was only joshing with the little fella back then, but now? I really wanna fight him! Granted. I’m one month away from being 55 years old and as Jay Z once rapped, I “Prolly couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight”—but I really wanna fight Wiz—for Amber—for every stripper, yea, for every woman that has been bullied by a nigga with a few nigger-pennies and a lil fame. Can I get that fade, Wiz? Listen!

I have three baby-mamas. I know about break-ups and the games chicks will play on a nigga, including, but not limited to using the child/ren against the father. I know it all too well, but never have I relinquished being the man that I am and disrespected any of my children’s mothers! For Heaven’s sake! They are the mothers of my children! These women gave me posterity, yea, everlasting life! It is through these women that my name and legacy shall live on!

But I hear some of you bitch-ass niggas calling Amber Rose a thot and bitch and ho—as though you came from a two-parent home with the white picket fence. Some of you were just a cum-stain away from being aborted yourself, because your mom’s was, indeed, THAT HO OVER THERE (A Thot)! You wonder why your daddy ain’t raise you? Your mama was the “Amber Rose” of her day! Like Wiz Khalifa, smugly, you turn your nose up at Amber Rose and type your little “Captain Save-A-Ho” (get some originality in your posting game!) comments with your little grubby fingers, which reek from flipping burgers.

Wiz Khalifa! You’re a bitch-de-fied Negro for dissin’ the mother of your child! You ain’t but a buck-fifty soak & wet! What are you gonna do one day when that male-child (your son!) grows up and hears the filth you spewed against his mother to the world? He may wanna put his foot so deep in your skinny narrow ass that your breathe smells like shoe polish! Indeed, he’s gonna feel some-type-of-way! Count on it!

Wiz Khalifa! You don’ let them Taylor Gang Philly niggas gas you up! Taylor Gang my ass! You’re a Tailor-Made, bitch-de-fied fuck-boy for getting at the mother of your child on wax! I just wish Amber were related to me! Nigga, I’d see you!

Like, really! Nigga you knew she was a former stripper! You knew she had fucked dated Kanye West! You knew she was an upscale socialite that was about that “No Money, No Honey” game! You knew all of this, yet you wifed her and gave her a child! Now that shit don’ turnt sour you’re lookin’ like a scorned bitch—a spurned little pickaninny that refuses to cut his losses. Pick up your motherfucking marbles and go play somewhere else! You wifed her nigga! You impregnated her nigga! You swore your love & loyalty before God nigga! You went far past T-Pain's, "I'm in love with a stripper!" You look hella silly lil boy! A diss record? Smh.

I heard your brother was a tranny Transgender man woman. I bet he she still has more balls than you—ol’ bitch-de-fied-puttin’-your-wife-on-blast-weirdo! Just what do you want to accomplish with this diss song? Soon as a judge hears your wack-ass talking down on your baby moms—there goes your fatherly rights! Amber’s gonna show the court just what you think of her as a woman. You think this is gonna go over well in a court of law? Or are you just interested in the court of public opinion? The only people riding for you are boys who prolly have done similar things to their baby mothers—them same Worldstar niggas that’ll whip a chick’s ass and then shit himself when a real man steps to him! Yeah, you niggas!

Now Wiz! If you got a problem with me, you can see me, ‘cause I stay in these clubs and streets. I got real family in Philly too nigga! Just call Kay Slay. He has my number. We can do this fade or you can take this literary ass whippin’ and keep it movin’, but know this! When I do see you, I’m gonna let you know who I am. I ain’t one of these bloggers that hides behind a computer screen and Internet thugs. I’m really out cheah!

At the end of the day, dissing your wife/baby’s mother on wax is wack! In the words of Canibus, “That’s a bitch move, something a homo-rapper would do!” Weirdo!

Khalil Amani writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Originators & Straight Stuntin Magazines. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Spin Magazine,, The Biography Channel. Author of six books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” ( ’07). Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani.

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