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You’ve got a Friend in… Lucifer!
By Khalil Amani

Some of y’all are probably thinking, “Khalil’s going to hell for sure for this one! I knew the boy was one fry short of a Happy Meal, but he’s really lost his marbles!” I can hear you thinking. Some of y’all are saying that the cult that I was in got my mind all fucked up. Some of y’all think that I’m the devil-incarnate with a reprobate mind. Again, I hear your snide remarks!


Some of my family think I’m just plain ol’ religiously crazy, but if you ask my siblings, they’ll have to admit (if they’re honest) that I was the most religious child of the five of us—even more “religious” than my parents. I am the only child in my family that was baptized in childhood! I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at the age of 10, fully aware of the salvific opportunity afforded me by His death on the cross. Meanwhile, my siblings, in their middle ages, are just starting to discover the Jesus of my youth, but are light-years behind me in wisdom, knowledge and understanding of spiritual/scriptural/religious matters.


I say that, not as an insult to their spiritual growth and religiosity, but rather to defend myself against the wily accusations some may level against me for what I espouse. Unlike many, who find God in prison or later on in life (after a lifetime of “sinning”), my pedigree to God reaches back to childhood, which led me into the esoteric (a cult) and down the halls of higher academia at University of Nebraska as a religion minor---to publishing four (4) books on religion---to having my work published in a Ph.D’s religious anthology---as well as having another Ph.D. write the introduction to one of my books. I’ve been searching for the mythical “Holy Grail” of religious truth all my effin’ life! Contrary to what some say, I’m not talking/writing out of my ass for shock value! Contrary to what they say, I don’t write to debate, because the masses can’t debate me! I’ve read and studied the Bible---from Genesis to Revelations—know what’s in it and not in it! I did Jeremiah 15:16—“Thy words were found and I did eat them…” And not just the Bible! All of the sacred scriptures! You can’t write four books on religion and not have a historical/religious foundation! If you think I’m bullshitting, I dare you to write ten pages on what you profess!


Like Jesus, who was sooooo religiously misunderstood and waaaaay ahead of his time, so am I—and I know this! I know what the fuck I be sayin’! If a nigga ain’t preaching that same ol’ milquetoast Christian message, he’s gotta submit a résumé, a curriculum vitae and a goddamn urine sample!


So you think I’m hell-bound because I write, “You’ve got a friend in Lucifer?” If that be the case, I’m sure I’ll see some of you “every-Sunday-go-to-meeting-Christians” chillin’ burning with me. Your man Jesus told me that this would be the case when he said,


“Not everyone that saith Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. …Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, I NEVER KNEW YOU: DEPART FROM ME, YE THAT WORK INIQUITY” (Matt. 7:22-23).


WOW! And you thought you were a shoe-in for heaven because you talked about Jesus and went to church every Sunday. Like so many people who believe that there is no life beyond the grave, they believe that they have a first-class ticket to the Resurrection! How shocking it will be when St. Peter stops your ass at those Pearly White Gates! Your mythical Lucifer, pitchfork in hand, will gladly welcome you to his domain. (Hell!)


Lucifer is here! He’s always been here! Those of us who are into esoteric (hidden) knowledge or secret societies understand Lucifer just fine. Some of those who have traveled to the East, in search of "Light" (Freemasonry) understand Lucifer’s job. The Christian-mind has one definition of Lucifer and those that “Stand Perpendicular to the Square”—another—and this, is that great gulf, which, from Time Immemorial has been taught to, but the few. When it comes to religion, the masses have always been lied to! It is not meant that you understand the real mysteries, even when one who is a wise man brings them to you, in the simplest of language.


Lucifer—a word used only one time in the entire Bible (Isaiah 14:12)—a word that originally was used to describe a Babylonian king has been flipped and converted into Satan, the Devil himself. There is no scriptural foundation or precedent that the Lucifer of Isaiah is the Devil of the New Testament. It is pure mythology!



I think Lucifer is just peachy-keen! I think Lucifer was “that dude!” I think Lucifer gave to humanity more than any one person you can pull out of your hat!


If it weren’t for Lucifer we wouldn’t have the wheel and sliced bread—or fire and electricity! If it weren’t for Lucifer there’d be tits & asses, cocks & hairy, stinky balls roaming the earth—a species of humanoids walking barefooted and butt-naked across the Serengeti and the Arctic Pole—too programmed to cover up our "shame" from the elements. If it weren’t for Lucifer we wouldn’t be driving cars, flying in airplanes and going to the moon or enjoying a fresh glass of ice water. Thanks to Lucifer, we are doing brain surgery and healing various diseases. If it weren’t for Lucifer, we wouldn’t have the Internet—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and your favorite website. If it weren’t for Lucifer, we wouldn’t have B.E.T. and M.T.V.—and just where would we be without these two great inventions/modern marvels of the twentieth century? Can you imagine a world without peanut butter & jelly, ham & eggs, burgers & fries, fish & grits (or fish & spaghetti for you Midwesterners) or ice cream & cake? Imagine living without your lace-front wig, getting your nails “did” by the local Korean nail shop, your Jheri Curl activator or Murray’s wave grease—or your chap-stick for your dry lips and lotion for your ashy elbows and late night masturbation sessions. Lucifer taught us how to make all these things.


In the words of soul singer Luther Ingram; “If lovin’ you [Lucifer] is wrong, I don’t want to be right!” I love Lucifer!


Dare I say that if it weren’t for Lucifer you wouldn’t have your bastardized religion called Christianity—a plagiarizing of some of the teachings of Yahshua Hammashiah (Jesus Christ!)—stolen by Rome and dressed up in filthy garments. Your religion is full of lies, because Lucifer is the “god” of this world and the “god” of all your religions! He has deceived us all, thus the scriptures says, “…for the Devil [Lucifer], which deceiveth the whole world” (Rev. 12:9). The scripture does not say that the Devil deceives everyone except Christians—everyone dammit!


Freemasons, Shriners, Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, the Priory of Zion, and the Vatican— if you knew what some of them know you’d throw your religion in the garbage!


But really, who was/is Lucifer?


Lucifer was the shizz-nit I tell ya! Lucifer unlocked, freed and unfettered the chains of the monolithic thought process, which the first two humans (Adam & Eve) were burdened with by freeing their cerebral cortex—their brains, which gave humankind the gift of freethinking. It was Lucifer who suggested that we, too, could become “gods”—creators.


According to the biblical Genesis account.


Right about now, most good Christians (and some of you Israelite and Muslim types) have mentally shut down and can’t read the rest of this essay, so kudos to those of you who have the courage and intestinal fortitude to continue on. I’m about to take you into deep water and help you understand the things that are kept from most men (and women).


It’s not that I love evil—or evil characters, such as a mythical devil, Satan, or Lucifer, as understood by most Christians. Nay! My understanding of the ORIGINAL Lucifer archetype goes waaaaay beyond the kindergarten version we are given. You see, in every ancient culture, society---mythology and religion—especially those which predate Judaism (the original Christianity), the “Lucifer Archetype" is found. The Bible’s Lucifer is a theft of many earlier Lucifer-types. The problem that the world in general, and Christians in particular are having is one of ignorance and historical misunderstanding.


Christianity is just a fusion of ancient “pagan” religions and Judaism, but when I use the word "pagan," I do not use it in a demeaning sense, like what others believe is purely fictional and an untrue religious practice. "Paganism" is a Christian term used to demean and denounce other understandings of the Divine (God) as inauthentic and false. Using the word "pagan" only shows one's ethnocentric and religio-centric bias. I don't claim the word. Why? Because Christianity, in its infancy became a political machine, created by the Romans, who took Christianity and merged it with so-called "paganism" in an effort to shore up the Roman Empire's religious gulf betwixt the paganism of the religion of Apollo, the Sol Invictus cult and the persecuted Christians who were being fed to the lions for sport & play and social entertainment. Emperor Constantine, in his foresight, merged so-called paganism with the newly evolving Christian cult. If you don’t KNOW this, go study the history.


I will tell you that Lucifer (the Christian devil) is the “LIGHT BEARER.” Thirty-Third Degree Freemason Albert Pike, in his book Morals & Dogma writes, “Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer! Son of the morning! It is he who bears the Light!” (321). The Bible also refers to him as “son of the morning” (Isaiah 14:12). “Light,” biblically speaking, means “knowledge” and “freewill.” In this respect, Lucifer is the first to free humanity’s mind and allow us to think freely (Adam & Eve being the first freethinkers), unlike any creature in God’s realm. The Bible makes Adam & Eve’s unlocked/freethinking mind one of disobedience. Hold that thought.


So you ask, “How and why did Lucifer become this evil dude in biblical mythology?”


Lucifer is closely aligned with the serpent archetype. Many Christians believe that the serpent of Genesis 3 is Lucifer in snake drag. Revelation 20:2 refers to this Evil One as the “Dragon,” “that old serpent,” “Devil,” and “Satan.” Again, there is no biblical evidence that Lucifer, the dragon, the Devil, and Satan are one and the same person, but Christian mythology has made it so.


Let’s delve into the “Serpent Archetype” of the Ancient Near East.


In Akkad, Sumer, Babylon, Persia, and Egypt, the Lucifer/serpent was revered for its wisdom and life-giving properties. It was the serpent who seemed to possess everlasting life by shedding its skin. It was the serpent who was the symbol of procreation—a phallic (PENIS) symbol of the goddess religions way back when. It was the serpent who was crafty enough to play games with Moses’ staff before pharaoh. The serpent was all-wise back-in-the-day. It was the ancient serpent who had been held in the highest esteem until he came into Jewish mythology as a slick-talking shyster, out to uncover Eve’s secret place (her vajay jay!) Remember! Even Yahshua (Jesus) bought into the mythology of serpents as “wise” when he said, “Be ye therefore WISE as SERPENTS…” (Matthew 10:16).


In the upper echelons of secret societies, the serpent’s (so-called Lucifer’s) righteous role is restored and the laity (common folk) gets spooked out! The adepts of Freemasonry get the true knowledge and role of Lucifer. To some, he becomes worshipped.


The “serpent/Lucifer” has always been wise! He was wise in Egypt, Sumeria and Babylon. He was wise to Jesus! In every culture and religion prior to the Jewish invasion of the Middle-East, the serpent/Lucifer was revered as the smartest dude on the block! What did he do that was so dastardly that the Jews had to rewrite his legacy in their book (Genesis) and heap upon him the title of the EVIL ONE? And don’t you find it odd, queer and strange that Lucifer is called “the Light Bearer” and then Jesus comes along and claims to be “The Light?” (John 8:12) How about the fact that Lucifer was called “son of the morning” and Jesus (another “son” of man/God) was also called a “Bright and Morning Star”? (Isaiah 14:12, Rev. 22:16) Both Lucifer and Jesus claim light (knowledge).


Lucifer being represented as a snake or serpent was intentionally done in Jewish mythology as a direct assault on the goddess religions of the Ancient Near East who venerated serpents as “wise,” and a “phallic symbol” (a penis) of procreation. It is not a coincidence that the righteous, wise and life-giving serpent of Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian mythology comes on the Jewish scene as a deceiver and tempter and originator of “sin.” This was by design! The ancient Jews flip-da-script and made the serpent a bad guy—a religio/political move aimed at steering Israel away from practicing foreign religions (who “worshipped” the serpent as life-giver) and Henotheism (a belief in their god Yahweh, without denying other gods).


Just think about it! If you didn’t want your people to practice other folk’s religion, the first thing you do is ATTACK that religion’s sacred symbolism. So when the Jews, in their wandering and crossing over other’s boundaries (the word “Hebrew” means “wander” or “cross a boundary”) came into contact with other religions, namely the Goddess religions of Astarte/Asherah/Ishtar/Isis aka the "Queen of Heaven" (as mentioned in Jeremiah 7:18) and the religious cults of the Sodomites, where the serpent/snake/Lucifer symbol were venerated, they, the Jews (aka Israelites) began to learn of these religions and take part in them.


This led to the assault of these religions as “cultic prostitution” and “paganism”—titles that demean those sacred religions and their practices, namely the use of sex as ritual and worship. The Israelite priesthood had the arduous task of creating “laws” that were designed to keep Israel from practicing these newly found religions. They wrote their asses off and signed forged God’s signature to authenticate their lies.


The Lucifer archetype was a victim of the Jewish/Israelite pen! The second-class citizenry of women—victims of the Jewish pen! Same-gender-loving people (homosexuals)—victims of the Jewish pen! The Jewish pen attacked the very foundation of those ancient religious practices—sex! Sex, to these people, is how they showed their devotion to their god. You can’t judge that with your twenty-first century morality!


If we are to understand the original Lucifer archetype, we must throw away all of our Christian Sunday school brainwashing. We must come to understand what the philosopher Nietzsche understood a century ago, “Judaism is the art of lying in a holy manner.” Christianity merely cosigns the lie.

There is not a single rational human being that does not want to see freedom, justice, and equality prevail. Most of us want to overcome death, sin and evil. Some of us want to live in a world free of racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia. The problem is that everything that is open and free to us is mostly lies—lies inherited and passed from one ignorant generation to the next. This is why secret societies exist! Because a select few are bold enough to search tirelessly for the truth to our existence. Unlocking the Lucifer mystery is just one step on the road to understanding how screwed up we are.


Religion has killed far more people than any mythological Lucifer has.


The Jay-Zs and Kanye Wests of the world DO NOT worship Lucifer as understood through YOUR Judeo-Christian understanding. No! It is not that the Illuminati and the Freemasons worship Lucifer as YOU understand Lucifer. What these organizations have done is go back to the origins—when Lucifer WAS NOT the evil character that your Bible portrays.


Do the research and come on board!


PS. *If any hear or read this essay and go away thinking that Khalil Amani is into the occult or worships the devil, Lucifer or evil, just go kill yourself for lack of cognition!

Khalil Amani is "Gay hip-hop's Straight Advocate." A Miami native who writes for, DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine. He’s been featured in L.A. Times, Miami New Times, Miami Herald, Thump/Vice/, Forward, Spin Magazine,, DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Sirius XM Radio Show, The Opperman Report, Sa NeterTV, CBS's, "West 57th Street" (1988), The Biography Channel's, "I Survived a Cult" (2010), The Biography Channel's, "Escaping Evil: My Life in a Cult" (2013) and 2018's, ID (Investigation Discovery) Channel in conjunction with People Magazine "Cults." Look for upcoming feature on Mr. Amani in February 2019 on Oxygen Channel and currently in a special edition of People Magazine on cults. Amani is the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking “Hip-Hop Homophobes...” ( ’07). Khalil was the first media person to write about the allegations surrounding Afrika Bambaataa allegedly getting stabbed for date-raping a young man in 2013 and is in the upcoming documentary on the Afrika Bambaataa allegations, Trapped in a Culture. Amani majored in English and Black Studies at San Diego Mesa College and the University of Nebraska. Follow on IG @khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani. Email

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Comment by Lekeisha Jones on March 31, 2011 at 5:11pm
According to the story in the book of Genesis God create everything with a compliment. Heaven and Earth. Light and Dark. Day and Night. Sky and Water and etc. Jesus and Lucifer. Christ Consciousness and Anti-Christ Consciousness. They are compliments and have a purpose. That's why Lucifer is the dawn of the morning and Jesus is the light of the world. Even in our mind there you have your Conscious and your Ego. As above so below. All things work together for the good of those that love the Source, Divine Intelligence that we have come to know and call God. I thank God for a Lucifer because I would not understand my Divinity without it. Either way I have power over it all because I am the image and likeness of the Creator- the one that thought me into existence.This is why Jesus could tell Judas to do what he needs to do and do it quickly.

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