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Zulu Nation: What in the Bamdusky Are You Talumbout?

Zulu Nation: What in the Bamdusky Are You Talumbout?

By Khalil Amani

Before I get started up in here, I’m prefacing every assertion with a big fat “allegedly”—not because I’m worried about having my drawhs sued off and losing my 1989 Hyundai and the $73.50 in my savings account, but rather, and simply—because I wasn’t there! “Allegedly” must be a big fat log of doo-doo thrown into the face of a victim.

The Zulu Nation got some ‘splainin’ to do! What in the Bamdusky are you talumbout? They don’ protected Afrika Bambaataa for decades while he manipulated prepubescent & teenage boys into uncompromising sexual positions. Yes he did and many in the Zulu Nation knew “Bamdusky” was fucking & sucking on them lil boys pee-pees! We ain’t seen’t no shit like this since that old-ass Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky—when he was messing with those boys in the showers and shit! He went from Penn State to the State Penn, serving a 30 to 60 year sentence. Like Sandusky, Bamdusky—Afrika Bambaataa is riding a slippery slope to prison that only time and the statute of limitations has saved him from. (*Props to Mr. Troi Torain for coining the word "Bamdusky.")

The Zulu Nation is to blame for Bamdusky’s fuckery. It has been rumored for decades that Bamdusky was violating teenage boys! From the ’70’s and beyond—from America to England to Brazil—from being kicked out of Brazil for molesting a teenage boy to getting knifed in Harlem for date-raping a man—these rumors persist! The Zulu Nation wants us to believe that the “dog is barking at parked cars.” The Zulu Nation has insulated, covered up and been Bam’s enabler. They let this pedophile run roughshod over the penises of teenage boys!

And now the deflection & obfuscation game.

Since when did the Zulu Nation become a relevant force in the hip-hop world? Afrika Bamdusky ain’t even on Social Media! He’s a techno-rapping-aloof-dinosaur who’s virtually unknown to this generation of hip-hop heads. Indeed, he started this shit (hip-hop), but hasn’t been able to reach the hip-hop youth of today, yet, it is the Zulu Nation’s contention that they are under attack by the United States government—and people like these five (5) accusers and Troi Torain aka Star of who are willing accomplices and stoolies of our government to bring down Bam and the Zulu Nation. They claim that they can prove that Star is a government informant. Guess what? They haven’t. A bunch of fucking smoke & mirrors designed to pull on the heartstrings of our basest need to believe in the criminality of our government and its treatment of black people, based on past history.

Now me? I'll be the first to admit I've been a government informant or, more correctly put, a "Confidential Informant." (Wrote a book about it!) I can tell you all about the inner-workings of the government and their ultra-secretive identity makeover machine called the Witness Protection Program (or more correctly put, Witness Security Program aka Witsec). The Zulu Nation and the average person will NEVER know who's cooperating with the government and the proof is that our government was able to infiltrate every known progressive organization of the past, so what in the Bamdusky are the Zulus talumbout? Star ain't no informant!

What does the government expect to gain by plotting on a nobody from times past? The Zulu Nation and Bamdusky ain’t in the thick of this social justice struggle. How arrogant and lofty of the Zulu Nation to think that they are worthy of the government's attention. An FBI-led coup d'état (overthrow) is reserved for the like of a “Farrakhan-esque” figure—a real leader who has the ears of the urban Bantustan—these street niggas. J. Edgar Hoover is dead and the Counterintelligence Program aka Cointelpro was disbanded in 1971.

The Zulu Nation and Bamdusky say that their accusers are liars. No! It is us who's being lied to by the Zulus. They have engaged in deflection, demagoguery and obfuscation to muddle to the truth. Like really! What straight black man would sullen his sexual reputation by admitting to sucking another man’s cock? What is the reward in that? *Crickets

Khalil Amani, the most dangerous hip-hop writer on the planet! Get ta Googlin' and ackt like you know! IG khalil_amani, Facebook, Twitter @khalilamani

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